Zelda Fan Saves For Six Years To Play Tears of the Kingdom on Their Own Switch

A different kind of epic journey.

Image via Nintendo

The love for the Legend of Zelda series knows no borders, and with Tears of the Kingdom so close, the fandom is bound to explode with all the discoveries and wonders to be found in Hyrule. For some in the community, however, experiencing Link’s adventures is much harder.

Thanks to difficulties in their home country, one Reddit user, paladin_bih, needed to save money to purchase a Switch at what the rest of the world considers the retail cost. They managed to play Breath of the Wild on a friend’s console but wanted one of their own so they could dive into Tears of the Kingdom as soon as possible.

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One Player’s Six-Year Quest for a Switch to Play Tears of the Kingdom

Link lookng at his hand in Tears of the Kingdom
Image Via Nintendo

After finishing Breath of the Wild, paladin_bih decided they wanted a Nintendo Switch of their own, but by their own admission, as a teacher in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they don’t make all that much money. Additionally, purchasing a Switch in-country would cost 30-40% above what someone elsewhere might pay.

That’s why they saved up for six whole years to afford to purchase their Switch from another country in time for Tears of the Kingdom. The good news is they managed to do it. The bad news? Because shipping is also something of a hassle, they’ll receive their Switch in a little over a month. A bittersweet success, especially considering the flood of images and discussion that’s bound to happen once the game releases. Ultimately, paladin_bih is just happy they’ll be a part of the Zelda community when the time arrives.

The last game in the series they owned was A Link to the Past on their SNES, so it’s been some time since they could call a Nintendo console their own. They will, of course, be going radio silent until they can experience Tears of the Kingdom themselves. In the meantime, the support from other users on the Reddit thread shows that even though not everyone has the same opportunities or ease of access to the same things, games can bring even the most disparate people together.