How to become lucky friends in Pokémon Go

Becoming a Best Friend with other trainers in Pokémon Go comes with great benefits

Image via Niantic

Increasing your chances in Pokémon Go is sometimes broken down into an art form, and a bunch of tiny little factors do add up in your favor. Another way you to tip the scales in your favor is to receive Lucky Pokémon, and a great way to do is to become lucky friends with other trainers on your friend’s list. The chance of having another trainer become lucky friends with you does take quite a bit of time, though.

To have the potential of having one of the trainers on your friend’s list to become a lucky friend, you first have them reach the Best Friend status. You need to do this by continually interacting with them and leveling up your friendship with them, which you can do through several methods, and all of them focus on in-game activities. You and your friend can participate in Gym battles or raids, sending gifts to each other, or trading with them.

If you were to interact wit ha single trainer on your friend’s list every day to raise your friendship levels with them, here’s the time to reach the Best Friend status:

  • Good friends after one day
  • Great friends after seven days
  • Ultra friends after 30 days
  • Best friends after 90 days

In short, it takes three months for you to reach the Best Friend status with another trainer. The process takes quite a bit of time, but it’s well worth the wait. After the two of you become Best Friends, becoming lucky friends happens by chance. You need to do what you’ve been doing this entire time to raise your friendship levels, which is to interact with them doing in-game activities. During one of these activities, the friend will become a Lucky Friend for a day.

When you have a Lucky Friend, the first Pokémon the two of you trade to each becomes a Lucky Pokémon. A Lucky Pokémon has cheaper stat upgrades and has higher stat performance than a traditional Pokémon. These Pokémon are ideal for any roster, and if you can do this in the early stages of Pokémon’s leveling path, it’s excellent for you.

Because you can only do most friend activities once a day, you can have a Best Friend become a Lucky Friend roughly once a day. The chances vary, though, because the Lucky Friend buff doesn’t always occur.