Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Review – A Gamer’s Best Friend

Nacon’s Revolution 5 Pro is one of the best PC/PlayStation controllers on the market.

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The base version of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense is a tough controller to top regarding sensation features that bring you into the game, but what about features that help you play? Nacon’s new Revolution 5 Pro controller is the next evolution of what controllers like the DualSense can accomplish, with numerous control and customization features that make it easier to improve your game.

The Revolution 5 Pro uses a similar overall design to the DualSense, which means it has the PlayStation button layout with the trackpad at the top. The set comes with a carry case, cleaning cloth, and a case containing two additional joystick heads, six weights, and a different d-pad. For more information about the controller’s features, check out the official Revolution 5 Pro page on Nacon’s website.

Key Details –

  • Developer – Nacon
  • Accessory – Controller
  • Bluetooth – Yes (Via Dongle)
  • Audio: Stereo Headset Jack & Bluetooth
  • Price: $199.90


The Revolution 5 Pro is compatible with PC, PS4, and PS5. The controller has wired and wireless functionality, but the latter option requires a USB dongle. There is a button on the back of the controller that lets you switch between the different compatibility modes at any time. The controller doesn’t work with Xbox systems or the Nintendo Switch.

How The Revolution 5 Pro Improves Control

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The significant promise going into the Revolutin 5 Pro controller is that it eliminates stick drift. As stick drift takes time to accumulate, this claim is something we can’t put to the test, but what we can say is that they feel amazing and incredibly precise, with an especially noticeable change when playing first or third-person shooters. The Revolution 5 Pro comes with three different joystick heads (concave, flat, and a chunky one that’s double the thickness of the others), all of which are easy to switch out without the need for tools.

Revolution 5 Pro is incredibly well-made, with soft plastic grips where the palms sit, which can be clicked off to reveal a space where weights can be placed. As someone who prefers a heavier controller, these weights are a godsend, but those with smaller hands can leave them out for their own comfort.

The d-pad that comes with the system is a concaved circle that feels incredibly reactive to movements, though players who prefer a more traditional layout can switch it out for a chunky d-pad that comes with the set, which also pops right in without the need for tools. While the extra precision of the joysticks isn’t quite as noticeable with fighting games, the concave d-pad feels a lot better, especially in a quarter-movement-heavy game like Street Fighter 6.

The best feature of the Revolution 5 Pro controller is the trigger blockers. Two of the levels on the back allow you to change the distance you need to press for the shoulder buttons to activate. When set in the shorter position, there is a considerable increase in speed in games that use the L2/R2 buttons a lot, like first-person shooters, and the feature is so helpful that you’re unlikely to return to the longer method.

The Revolution 5 Pro is a night-and-day improvement over the base DualSense. While it lacks haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, it makes the experience of playing games feel a lot more precise. The advancement needs to be felt to be believed.

The Revolution 5 Pro Customization Options

Image Via Nacon

On the surface, the Revolution 5 Pro looks very busy. Along with the usual DualSense buttons & joysticks, there are two buttons on the top, ten buttons, and three switches on the back. These buttons let you switch between the different computer types you’re using, flick between wireless and wired mode, activate the Bluetooth sensor, increase/decrease the volume, switch controller profiles, change between basic and advanced modes and four programmable buttons do whatever you tell them to.

The Revolution 5 Pro might look busy, especially on the back, but these buttons and levers are a godsend mid-game. The ability to control audio using the controller buttons is instrumental in team games, while the profile switching is helpful in lengthy gaming sessions where you change titles a lot.

The extra buttons, coupled with the changeable d-pad, joysticks, and weights, make for a controller that truly lets you tailor your gaming experience. Once you’re done with the setup, helped by the app mentioned below, you’re ready for anything a game throws at you.

The only issue is that the wireless mode relies on a dongle, which means switching it around if you want to change between PlayStation systems and PC. This is necessary to allow players to use Bluetooth headphones via the controller. Still, an option to switch that off and use a regular connection would be welcome, especially if you lost your dongle.

Using The Revolution 5 Pro App

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The Revolution 5 Pro comes with a dedicated app that lets you create up to four control profiles. The app enables you to map the buttons, set the shoulder resistance, alter the stick dead zones, and change the color/intensity of the RGB lights on the console. The app is easy to use and will simplify preparing any control schemes you need for specific genres, such as fighting, racing, or shooting games. You can also set up a battery-saver mode, even though you probably won’t need it, as the controller has around 10 hours of life using full settings. Still, everyone is guilty of forgetting to charge their controllers every once in a while.

The Verdict

The Revolution 5 Pro is a pricey controller, with Nacon selling it for $199.90, but you get one of the best controllers on the market for that price. A few minor issues aside, the Revolution Pro 5 is one of Nacon’s most responsive controllers to date, and those who are serious about gaming should consider it a worthy investment for the improvements it can bring to your performance.

Final Score:

10 / 10

+ Amazing high-quality control sticks and buttons to up your game
– Wireless control is restricted to dongle.
+ The physical customization options let you make the controller as comfortable as possible
No haptic feedback equivalent
+ Switching between different control schemes & change options from a single device is easy
– Lacks fully replaceable sticks of the similarly priced PlayStation Edge

Gamepur team received a review unit code for the purpose of this review.