Roblox Wizard Simulator codes (May 2021)

Making yourself one rich spellcaster.

There are a fair bit of spells and cosmetics to chase after in Wizard Simulator, but you shouldn’t have to grind for too long. The game offers promo codes that either grant you free coins or give you a timed XP boost. Here are the codes you can’t miss out on this month.

How to enter codes in Wizard Simulator

Unlike most games, codes can only be entered through its store. When looking through the catalog, click on the Twitter icon in the bottom-left corner. Codes are case-sensitive and can only be used once.

All Active codes

  • daireb: Enter for 250 coins.
  • pvp: Receive a random reward.
  • polaris: Enter for 500 coins.
  • random: Enter for 30 minutes of all boosts.
  • 2020update: Enter for a 30-minute Drop Boost.
  • extra: Receive a random reward.
  • wisdomboost: Enter for a 20-minute XP Boost.
  • robzigame: Enter for 250 coins.
  • wisdomclock: Enter for 250 coins.
  • dairebboost: Enter for a 20-minute Gold Boost.
  • release: Enter for 500 coins.