How to find and use Christmas cracker paper in Runescape

Deck the halls and hang out with the giant cracker

Image via Jagex

It’s Christmas time in Runescape, which means you’ll find the giant Christmas cracker at the northeast end of the Grand Exchange, waiting to give you special holiday-themed prizes. It’s so enormous, you can’t miss it, but what about the paper you need to add to the cracker?

Christmas cracker paper will appear while doing everyday Runescape activities. You can earn 22 to 27 pieces of paper from non-combat skills or 25 to 30 pieces by killing a monster every three minutes (the time limit includes both skills and monster killing). You can also get 74 to 90 pieces of paper when turning in a non-extended daily challenge, and finally, 155 to 181 pieces for completing an extended daily challenge.

Once you have gathered at least 100 pieces of paper, head over to the Giant Christmas Cracker (where many people are likely already gathered) in the Grand Exchange. Make sure you have two inventory spaces available for the Christmas cracker crate that you get for turning in your papers. After you exchange the paper for the crate, you could be the lucky winner of many different prizes, including a rubber turkey, a large festive lamp, or a lump of coal.