How to play Modern Warfare 3 reveal: Warzone 2.0 Shadow Siege event explained

Modern Warfare 3’s reveal event is on the horizon, and here’s how players can jump in and collect rewards.

Captain Price is a standout from the Modern Warfare franchise.

Image via Activision

Modern Warfare 3’s big reveal is on the way and players will get to participate the arrival Call of Duty’s next evolution firsthand inside of Warzone 2.0, just as they did with the arrival of Verdansk ’84 back in the days of the Modern Warfare (2019).

Not a lot is known about the event just yet, but a blog post from the developers does have a few key insights around what to expect. From a revamped combat system to the introduction of Modern Warfare Zombies, things are going to be quite different from the current title in MW3.

How to play Modern Warfare 3 reveal event

Image via Activision

Shadow Siege will kick off on August 17th (10:30 AM PST) as a Limited Time Playlist inside of Warzone 2.0. Sledgehammer Games has hyped up the return of legendary Call of Duty villain Vladimir Zakarov, and it seems the in-game event may have some connection to the returning threat. Regardless, players will be able to snag a front-row seat as they complete a mission and help usher in a huge transformation for the Modern Warfare franchise and Warzone 2.0.

Anyone who wants to jump in should double-check that their game is updated, as an August 16th patch was deployed specifically to prep the game for the showcase.

Warzone 2.0 Shadow Siege rewards

Anyone who participates in the action-packed event will be eligible to receive a handful of new rewards, ranging from the M13C Assault Rifle down to a Stun Grenade weapon charm. There’s no word on how to collect those yet, so keep an eye on the After-Action Report when the event wraps up to see if they’ve been credited to your account.

That’s all there is to know about Shadow Siege at this time. For more info, keep an eye out for our Modern Warfare 3 coverage to come throughout the rest of the week.