10 Best Cozy Games That Aren’t About Farming

A list for those times when you don’t feel like farming, but still want to play cozy games.

Image by Gamepur

The words “cozy” and “farming” often go hand in hand. And I mean, who’s to blame when titles like Stardew Valley, Fae Farm, Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon prove that farming can be just as fun as it’s relaxing. Still, there’s only so much farming you can do before you start despising the sight of a watering can and dreading all that planting and harvesting. But just because you need a little break from farming doesn’t mean you can part ways with your cozy addiction. Here are 10 great cozy games that aren’t farming sims that’ll scratch that comfy itch you’re looking for.

10. Finding Hannah

Image via Fein Games

Finding Hannah is a relaxing narrative puzzle game that follows a woman on a journey of self-discovery through beautiful scenes and hidden objects. It’s a perfect game for unwinding and immersing yourself in a story with colorful and striking visuals. However, the game mechanics are too simple and can get boring quickly. When the story isn’t at its most engaging, solving puzzles doesn’t seem as fun. 

9. Dorfromantik

Image via Toukana Interactive

In Dorfromantik, you construct landscapes using hexagonal tiles obtained one by one. As we place one, another emerges, allowing us to continue until our tile pool is exhausted. Along the way, missions unlock, granting more tiles to prolong the game. Each placement accumulates points, influenced by the types and sizes of groups formed – forests, villages, water bodies, and crops. It’s a brilliant game, but one that you need to learn to enjoy cozily. At times, the tactical need to strategize gets bigger and bigger, making it a different kind of experience.

8. Smushi Come Home

Image via SomeHumbleOnion

In Smushi Come Home, you’ll explore a stunning forest as Smushi the mushroom, collecting items and completing quests. With various ways to get around and cute graphics, it’s a delightful adventure that lets you indulge in soothing tranquility with this platforming adventure. You can easily breeze through it in around 5 hours to conquer all achievements. If you’re looking for a simple game to fulfill your exploration needs, this is the one for you.

7. Cat Cafe Manager

Image via Roost Games

Cat Cafe Manager is the ultimate Cat Lady game. Why would you just keep the cats at home when you could invite them all to your self-run Cat-themed Cafe?

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You can revel in the joy of refurbishing your cafe and make it enjoyable for both human customers and cat buddies alike. What truly makes this game charming is the cast of townfolk who’ll periodically visit your cafe and share memorable moments. It’s an enchanting haven for cat enthusiasts, where dreams of managing a cat-filled oasis come true.

6. Bear and Breakfast

Image via Gummy Cat

Bear and Breakfast stands as a commendable cozy game, though it may not quite make it to the best of the best. This endearing experience eschews the farming trope and invites you to manage a cozy Bed and Breakfast as an adorable bear.

If you’re a caretaker, you’ll find great joy in hosting and interacting with guests in this charming atmosphere. The absence of farming offers a refreshing departure from typical sims, and a delightful soundtrack complements the relaxation. 

5. A Short Hike

Image via adamgryu

A Short Hike is a delightful exploration game where you hike up a mountain, immersing yourself in a well-written narrative. It’s a game I cannot recommend enough for everyone, even non-gamers.

It’s the joy of the in-betweens that makes playing A Short Hike a highly recommended experience. Within its compact world, you can lose track of time, with the main mission taking just under two hours. Numerous intriguing paths and dynamic character interactions keep things fresh. Regardless of your gaming background, you should give Short Hike a try.

4. Graveyard Keeper

Image via Lazy Bear Games

The premise of Graveyard Keeper is a bit dark: it immerses players in a distinctive and dark medieval world. It’s definitely got a different tone than your average farming sim. Graveyard Keeper asks players to engage in wine-making, witch-burning, and preaching. 

This challenging adventure has a narrative-driven progression, task completion, and character interactions that enrich the experience. The irreverent yet charming concept of managing a medieval cemetery adds to its uniqueness. In contrast, RPG elements like intricate technology trees and XP systems add depth. Graveyard Keeper is a dark, challenging, and story-driven escapade with a unique twist.

3. Spiritfarer

Image via Thunder Lotus Games

Spiritfarer is a heartwarming, unique journey that can only be experienced once. It beautifully diverges from the farming genre since its core essence lies in heartfelt conversations with spirits, forging touching bonds, and embarking on tranquil journeys through mystical seas and worlds. 

Crafting, cooking, and tending to ethereal companions make for relaxing and satisfying activities. As you juggle these tasks, you nurture and accompany spirits on their voyage to the afterlife, evoking emotions rarely found in gaming. It’s a captivating, emotionally resonant odyssey that transcends mere gameplay.

2. Unpacking

Image via Witch Beam

If the thought of moving is stressful for you, give Unpacking a try for some satisfying gameplay. Trust me, it’ll change your outlook on boxing and uboxing furniture completely.

Unpacking delivers a distinctive and soothing experience by letting you revel in the simple yet entrancing act of unpacking the protagonist’s belongings and strategically placing them within various life stages. This gameplay mechanic intertwines with subtle storytelling, offering insights into the character’s journey without imposed time constraints. Unpacking beckons you to savor every moment and derive satisfaction from meticulous organization.

1. Coffee Talk 1 & 2

Image via Toge Productions

Coffee Talk 1 and 2 are sublime, cozy games that don’t have any farming mechanics at all. These two games whisk you into a tranquil and distinctive world. All you have to do is surrender yourself to the soothing ritual of brewing coffee and engaging in heartfelt conversations with customers. While you become a lo-fi barista, you unravel intriguing narratives woven with captivating characters.

Coffee Talk 1 and Coffee Talk 2 exude a cozy ambiance that envelops you like a warm blanket, fostering relaxation and comfort, creating a therapeutic experience perfect for unwinding and de-stressing. Coupled with an enchanting soundtrack, Coffee Talk 1 and 2 offer a unique, narrative-driven, and therapeutic escape.