10 Cutest Pokémon of All Time

Photo via Game Freak

Are the following ten Pokémon the cutest of the cute, the crème de la crème of adorable video game animals, the apex of what should be considered “cute” out of hundreds of choices available? Heck, no. Let’s be honest, here: Pokemon has way too many cute animals to possibly debate over in a rational manner. A tournament bracket would take weeks to finish. When you can throw a rock (or a Pokeball) and find cuteness no matter where you’ve tossed it, why attempt to rank what you find? Nearly every Pokemon is overly steeped in cuteness, except for Muk. (Sorry, Muk.)

Outliers aside, the point stands that Pokémon is a very warm and fuzzy series filled with cute, lovable creatures. A lot of research went into the cultivation of this list; I asked at least a dozen people for their opinions (and hastily discarded any votes for Gengar, because really now) and spent an hour browsing Bulbapedia. Does that make this the most comprehensive list of the Cutest Pokémon Ever? Not at all, but please look at all of these cute fuzzy things anyway. 


Here’s a tip for judging the cuteness of fictional video game animals: if they’re pink, they’re almost always cute. Not only does Clefairy have “cute” written all over it in spades, but it’s also almost entirely made of the color pink, which makes it unarguably cute, no matter your inclinations or predispositions. You’re welcome for the lesson in cuteness.


Eevee is about as basic as you can get for cute Pokémon, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve a spot on this list. If doe-eyed fox-adjacent creatures aren’t your thing, don’t give up on Eevee just yet – it can evolve into multiple different elementally-aligned beasts of your choosing, all of which somehow manage to retain that precious little face! Who says science isn’t magic?



Vulpix is a Pokémon that decided that Eevee (and Eevee specifically) wasn’t cute enough, so it decided to do it a few times better. Glossier eyes, combed hair, a bunch of extra tails for good measure, and as if all those weren’t somehow enough, Vulpix is also a fire-type Pokémon, which makes it as useful as it is adorable – which is to say, very useful indeed.


Skiddo has an above-average cute design for a Pokémon and a name that’s incredibly fun to say. Skiddo looks like a cute goat, which is great and accurate because baby goats are incredibly cute animals… right up until they turn older. And you know what? Skiddo will never be older than it appears above.


Remember the “Rule of Pink” described above for Clefairy? Same deal. Deerling is a little more special than that, though: it has a different color for each in-game season of the year, and it’ll match the season in which you caught it when you capture one. As if that weren’t enough, Deerling will change to a different season’s color if it’s in your party at the time the seasons change. Now you’ve got multiple cute Pokémon all at once, without the need for evolving it!


Pokémon are weird, but even the weird ones can be cute, too. Oddish is more odd than weird, but you know what else it is? Cute! Those beady eyes, the stout demeanor, that vibrant green foliage, the irresistible urge to pick one up and hug it and then plant it in a clay pot next to those basil and cat grass planters you’ve had on your kitchen windowsill for as long as you can remember. Oddish is truly the complete package.


If a Pokémon looks to be made almost entirely of floof, it’s cute. Even with that established, Mareep, the sheep-similar Pokémon is basically a walking pillow with legs, as well as big black eyes that question why you would spend any time or effort on any other critter. And Mareep is right; when you can hug and hold a Pokémon instead of wearing a sweater and still remain warm and cozy, there’s nothing else you really need in this mad yet wonderful world.


Psyduck looks like it’s in perpetual and eternal despair, which materializes internally as a horrible migraine, but materializes outwardly as a blank expression of utter cuteness. Is Psyduck’s pain and lifelong tortured state worth its ability to compel normal passers-by – and even the most cold-hearted Pokémon fan – to stop and give it care and affection? We’re going with “yes,” with no bias in our decision-making whatsoever.


You can’t really pet a Cyndaquil. They’re basically 75% fire and spikes, with the other 25% being an intensely self-satisfied grin. But that only adds to their cuteness. I would gladly pet a Cyndaquil, even though I’m fully cognizant that it would kill me. Look at that face!! What a preciously smug, stabby, flaming baby.


The official Pokédex website has this to say about Piplup: “It doesn’t like to be taken care of. It’s difficult to bond with since it won’t listen to its Trainer.” That’s relatable. One might even call it “a big mood.” Anyway, this flappy little fellow probably needs a hug, and I would be more than happy to provide one.



There’s already 10 Pokémon in this list, but we need to address the elephant electric rodent in the room. Everyone expects the main mascot for the entire universe to have earned a spot on any list of top Pokémon. But alas, Pikachu isn’t all that cute. I’m sure you’re angry; you’ve spent 22 years being bombarded with pro-Pikachu propaganda. Pikachu is cuter than, say, Roggenrola, but the electric rodent falls distinctly in the middle tier of cuteness.