5 Final Fantasy characters we’d love to see in Kingdom Hearts IV

It would be incredible to see Cloud and Sephiroth fight one more time.

Image via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy is a crucial element of the Kingdom Hearts. It has a fascinating synergy with the game’s Disney worlds as the Final Fantasy element adds a darker twist to the House of Mouse’s dreamy fairy tales. While the third entry offers a bounty of Disney worlds, we could definitely see the scales tip towards Final Fantasy’s favor as Kingdom Hearts IV dives into darker subject material like the afterlife. Here are five Final Fantasy characters we’d love to see in Kingdom Hearts IV.

The return of Cloud and Sephiroth

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Image via Square Enix

After battling in Radiant Garden in Kingdom Hearts 2, neither Cloud or Sephiroth have returned to the series. They disappeared within a dark portal and have presumably kept fighting each other in another realm. What if they found themselves in Quadratum or somewhere within this “afterlife?” Square Enix could include Cloud’s classic Final Fantasy 7 costume as he reunites with Sora.

Perhaps, Cloud could even be a party member. He did say to not lose sight of his light in the original Kingdom Hearts after all. So it would make sense for him to be a mentor for our spiky-haired hero as Sora faces the bleakest moment in his life so far. The potentially darker tone of Kingdom Hearts IV would match perfectly with the One-Winged Angel’s presence. It would be epic to see Cloud and Sora have a third and final clash with Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts IV.


Image via Square Enix

Sephiroth has graced Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II with his devilishly dark presence, but Garland is the original villain that helped kickstart the legendary Final Fantasy series. He was also featured in this year’s Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. With his sheer power of darkness and huge sword, he would stand as a mighty foe for Sora as a secret boss or perhaps even a major character in the story. His character design is haunting and would strike fear in any budding keyblade wielder. He would fit into the narrative of the Kingdom Hearts well, as he lost himself to the darkness and was corrupted by his power. It almost writes itself. After his death in the original game, he could reappear in Quadratum or any other world in this “afterlife” realm.

Lightning and the Final Fantasy XIII gang

Image via Square Enix

The urban landscape of Quadratum would fit Lightning and the Final Fantasy XIII crew perfectly. While Square Enix does not reference the game much nowadays, it is still a memorable favorite for many fans around the world. Lightning would be a useful party member with her high agility and fortitude on the battlefield, while Hope could be a supporting character, directing the gang on their next objective like in Lightning Returns. Death is also a heavy subject in Final Fantasy XIII, so their narrative of almost deathbound beings called L’Cie could work into Kingdom Hearts IV nicely.

Tidus and Wakka from Final Fantasy X

Image via Square Enix

It would be easy to say that Tidus and Wakka have been underutilized in the Kingdom Hearts series as they’ve been relegated to just Destiny Island residents. However, it would be terrifically nostalgic if the duo returned to help protect their world from a new threat. They’ve grown up, and it would be neat to see them tag along with Kairi for some adventures, including battles against the heartless with Wakka’s blitzball and Tidus’ Brotherhood sword. Heck, even throw in Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII to help them out, as she was also an island dweller.

Vaan or Balthier from Final Fantasy XII

Image via Square Enix

If Endor from the Star Wars universe is going to be a world in Kingdom Hearts IV, it would make sense to bring Vaan or Balthier into the action. We can imagine them being a part of the rebel alliance and fighting the empire. The sky pirates could soar in starship battles and help guide Sora through the galaxy. It would be a different take on the characters, but the situation would be similar to how Yuna, Rikku, and Paine were fairies during the events of Kingdom Hearts 2. Final Fantasy XII and the original Star Wars trilogy also share similarities in terms of plot, so Vaan and Balthier would be easy picks for the setting.