Fans speculate Star Wars’ Endor is featured in Kingdom Hearts IV trailer

Sora might be meeting Luke Skywalker and facing Darth Vader in Kingdom Hearts IV.

Image via Square Enix/Disney

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The Star Wars franchise becoming a world in the Kingdom Hearts series has been something fans have only dreamed of. However, if recent evidence proves correct, Kingdom Hearts IV may be sending Sora to a galaxy far, far, away.

Twitter user dallin1016 spotted a curious object in the woodland scenery during the opening of the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer. In the tweet below, you’ll see what appears to be the foot of an AT-ST, a machine that walks across the battlefield and takes out whoever is in front of it with its two laser cannons.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user WhisperAshe compared two scenes of the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer and EA’s interpretation of Endor in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017). Both waterfalls from these particular shots look identical, leading to even more speculation that the Force may be strong with Sora sometime soon.

So far, the only world that’s been showcased for Kingdom Hearts IV is Quadratum, and it seems like he’ll be there for a long time. There is a tease that Sora may leave the Tokyo-inspired world, however. “If you do leave this world behind, don’t expect to return to the one from which you came,” said one of the mysterious antagonists of KH4 in the trailer.