5 Ways to Improve The Walking Dead: Road to Survival


For the past five months, I’ve been playing the mobile game The Walking Dead: Road to Survival developed by Scopely. For those unfamiliar, it is a free-to-play role playing game based on the comic book series. During my time with it I’ve made new friends and added some very positive experiences to my gaming memories. However, after spending time browsing the forum, I noticed a lot of people felt negatively about how things were being handled and, as the folks on the internet tend to do, were demanding changes. After putting some thought into it, here are my picks for what Scopely could do to improve The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Increase the Chances of 5 Star and Ascendable Character Pulls

5 Ways to Improve The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Premier RecruitsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

In WD:RTS you can purchase or earn Coins that allow you to pull a character from the Premier Recruits pile. The biggest problem with this is that the chances of pulling a 5 Star or Ascendable Character are extremely rare. You are more likely to pull a 3 Star character multiple times before getting a better one. This has caused a lot of frustration for players in the community, as they feel it’s not worth doing, or it’s a waste of money, or a waste of hard work when earning the Coins for free.

Legendary Gear in Supply Depot Gear Markers

5 Ways to Improve The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Walking-Dead-GearTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The most sought out gear is also the hardest to obtain. While you can purchase Legendary Gear in the Faction Assault Supply Depot, a lot of players have a hard time obtaining the amount of Assault Markers it takes to purchase them. If Scopely added one slot saved for Legendary Gear that can be purchased with Gear Markers, it would give players a better chance to get the gear they need.

Expansion of World Level

5 Ways to Improve The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
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WD:RTS has plenty of modes to take part in, with one of them being World Levels. In World, you complete Stages to progress the story, and you’re given changes along the way that impact which path you take. Currently, you can complete up to Chapter 23, but after that, you have no more stories to progress through. You can replay the Stages at anytime, but expanding the story would give players something more to do between events.

Less Solo Events, More Faction Events

5 Ways to Improve The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
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While it is important to become stronger on your own, your Faction is only as strong as your weakest player. Faction events provide better rewards for a team effort over an individual one. The great thing about Faction events is that you can still reach those Solo Milestones to obtain rewards and help your Faction get better rewards at the same time.

Community Patience/Better Communication

I feel like these two go hand in hand with each other, because both of them plague every gaming community out there. On one hand, the community environment can become toxic and a tone can be set where it’s a non-stop assault on the developers. On the other hand, the community team needs to establish a better line of communication to the community, addressing their concerns and giving players a road map for potential changes. The community also needs to be patient when it comes to dealing with issues with the game, as some things can’t be fixed overnight.

These are only a handful of ideas on ways that Scopely can improve the The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. I’m sure every player has their own ideas, and I’d be happy to continue the discussion in the comments below.