The Best Video Game Controllers On the Market Today


Video game controllers these days are pretty common, ranging from affordable and easily breakable to deluxe and highly-priced, but durable enough to last. They’re also loaded with several features, including turbo functionality, customization and more. On top of that, some are even custom designed based upon a certain game character or franchise.

So let’s take a look now at eight of the best game controllers that you can purchase on the market today. Again, prices may vary, but there’s no question these will give you the maximum bang for your buck!

Best Video Game Controllers

Astro Gaming C40 TR (PlayStation 4, PC)

Astro Gaming C40 TR

It’s kind of hard to believe that the C40 TR is Astro Gaming’s first devoted game controller. That’s because it’s a magnificent performer, no matter what genre of game you’re playing. You can customize it with the help of an included screwdriver and move around the analog sticks and D-pad however you see fit. But also, you can play wired or wirelessly with it, without the performance wavering in the least between the two. And its sleek design makes it comfortable to hold after hours on end. We can’t wait to see what Astro Gaming has in mind next. Perhaps something for Switch…?

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SCUF Vantage (PlayStation 4)

SCUF Vantage

SCUF Gaming has made several phenomenal controllers over the years, ranging from the 4PS line to the Impact. But the Vantage is a considerable step up, built with both hardcore and casual players in mind. Featuring several buttons with functionality that can be switched around with ease, as well as a sleek design on a faceplate that’s easily interchangeable with others sold on SCUF’s website, it’s as user-friendly as you can get. And it’s available in both wired ($169.99), and wireless ($199.99) models alike, so gamers can choose which way they want to go with functionality. It’s a sleek controller, and SCUF will have a lot of trouble topping this one. (Or will they?)

Controller Chaos Custom Pro Controllers (Nintendo Switch)

Over the years, Controller Chaos has become one of the more dependable customization companies on the market, mainly because of the effort they put into their “dipped” and customized peripheral designs. Their Nintendo Switch Pro Controller offerings are just the way to go if you want to treat your gaming rig the right way. The company offers several sleek designs, including a Sonic the Hedgehog inspired model, a cool Super Nintendo style one that’s a real throwback to fans of the system, and even a Toejam and Earl one, for those that want to get funky with their favorite aliens. They start at $150, but they’re guaranteed to rock your Nintendo-loving world.

PDP Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller (Nintendo Switch)

PDP Faceoff Deluxe+

Let’s say you want a controller that delivers a good amount of performance, but you don’t necessarily have the budget to spend over $50 or so. Not to worry, as PDP has you covered with its budget line of Faceoff Deluxe+ models. Available in red, purple and blue, these wired controllers are well built, with interchangeable faceplates and two custom buttons on the back that you can program however you see fit. And although it’s wired, the controller has excellent stability – and it’s reasonably priced at $25!

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Elite Controller (Xbox One)

Xbox One Elite Controller

We know that Microsoft has a newer model of the Xbox One Elite controller on the way, set to debut sometime over the next few months. But the original Elite is nothing to scoff at, and as pricey as it is, it handles very well for those of you looking for a peak performer with your late-night Gears 5 runs. It’s got a custom D-pad design that helps you get the most out of weapon selection and movement, and the analog sticks and other buttons handle wonderfully. And it’s available in several designs, though we yearn for the classic Gears of War Elite, which goes for a pretty high amount on eBay. For those that need an excellent Xbox controller, look no further.

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Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis Controller (Sega Genesis)

Retro-Bit Sega Genesis Controller

The Sega Genesis Mini drops later this week, and it’s got several retro titles that fans won’t want to miss. However, it only comes with the three-button controller – and that’s a nightmare when you want to play something like Street Fighter II. Fortunately, Retro-Bit has a great Genesis six-button controller that’ll solve those problems easily. An officially licensed Sega pad, it works beautifully with the Genesis Mini, as well as other systems. And you can also buy either the classic black model or a funky looking see-through blue version that’s sure to stand out in your game collection. Best of all? It won’t be “game over” for your wallet – it’s only $20!

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Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition (Xbox One)

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Razer makes some fine peripherals these days, including their line-up of awesome fighting sticks. But its regular controller designs are rad too, especially the Wolverine Tournament Edition. On sale for just $119, this is easily one of the best-wired controllers out there. It has the functionality to last, including parts that can be swapped out and a cool glowing rainbow color on the front of the controller, just like other Razer peripherals. And it handles like a dream, especially with action games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It’s right up there with the Elite when it comes to must-have Xbox One peripherals.

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PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro (Nintendo Switch)

PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro

You could play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a typical Pro Controller, or even a JoyCon, and get some enjoyment out of it. But any Melee veteran knows that the best way to win is with a GameCube style controller. While Nintendo offers its own, PDP’s affordable line-up of Fight Pad Pro peripherals will hit the spot. Conveniently built like GameCube pads, these controllers hold up nicely over intense sessions. And you don’t have to buy an adapter to use them with the system – they plug right into the USB port. Finally, there are various designs available – though we’re suckers for the Sonic the Hedgehog design, seen above.

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Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick (Xbox One)

Victrix Pro

The bad news is that the Victrix Pro fight stick is the most expensive peripheral in this article, as it goes for a whopping $349.99. But for those of you that are deep into your fighting games, whether it’s Mortal Kombat 11, Dragon Ball FighterZ or even classic Street Fighter Collection, it’s worth its weight in gold. Spectacularly built with custom parts straight out of the arcade, the Victrix Pro features top-notch performance with a variety of fighting and old-school games. And it lights up on the side, offering a little extra flair when you want to show off against your opponents. Don’t miss it if you have the cash.

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Razer Panthera Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite (PlayStation 4)

Razer Panthera

The Xbox One has its custom fight pad to choose from, and so does the PlayStation 4. Razer’s Panthera model fight sticks have been a tour-de-force for fighting fans, and there are several editions to choose from, including a sweet looking Dragon Ball FighterZ model. But considering that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite didn’t get that much love upon release, we’re going to go that route. It looks like a classic Capcom controller and plays like one as well, right down to the button functionality and the old-school feel of the stick. And it’s not that bad in price, going for around $200. Grab this and get a fight on your hands!

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