7 Most Anticipated Survival Horror Games Of 2018

In 2018, Survival Horror genre will makes its presence felt in a big way. Here’s our list of Most Anticipated Surival Horror Games of 2018.

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Survival horror-games bring a thrilling gameplay experience, and today we also have VR where the horror experience is amplified. In 2018 we are going to hear many titles under this category, these new games will have a brand new story line and horror elements. However not all games are suitable for everyone, there is an age restriction that you must look before getting them. Below we had made a list of most anticipated Survival Horror game release next year.

Days Gone

2018 Most Anticipated Survival Horror Games

State Of Decay 2: Initial Release Date – 2018. Platform – Xbox One & Windows

State of Decay 2 is an ultimate zombie survival game, sequel to a 2013 hit release. It is an open world game where you can also play with your online friends. Players can build their character and play along in a team of 4 players. The game also has a solo mode, if you want to play alone. Or else just invite your friends in the game and play together for various missions, you will earn rewards also.

Days Gone: Initial Release Date – 2018. Platform – PS4

Days Gone has already made headlines after it was first revealed. The game brings a dynamic environment where you will be surviving an apocalypse where humans have been turned into zombies like creatures after a horrible event called as Pandemic. In this single player game you will be playing as Deacon St. John, who is a drifter and a bounty hunter. You can do various activities in this massive open world game along with surviving from Freakers.

DayZ: Initial Release Date – 2018. Platform – PC

DayZ is another open world zombie survival game. Due to an infection world population has turn hostile. You will be among a few players who are alive and now have to make their way out of the epidemic. To live you have to find supplies, and progress. The game support both single player and multiplayer mode. The game has pretty strict rules, you have to stay alive at all cost or else you might have to start once again from scratch. There is an Alpha edition that will allow players to test upto 50 players on each server. The game has an inventory and crafting system.

Overkill: The Walking Dead: Initial Release Date – 2018. Platform – PS4, Xbox One & PC

The Walking Dead is a 4 player co-op action game, where you will be fighting with the dead to survive in the game. Similar to a zombie survival this game is purely a co-op game. Due to an outbreak the deads are back to life and you have to survive this. Players will have to try out various strategies, endurances, etc to progress in the game. There will be many missions, raids etc in the game along with these players will have to secure the supplies and work on their base camp to increase their chances of survival. There are different playable characters in the game with different skill tress, roles and play style.

Moons of Madness: Initial Release Date – 2018. Platform – TBA

Moons of Madness are a first person psychological horror game. You will be in the shoes of Astronaut Shane Newehart, who is at a research station Trailblazer Alpha. This is an outpost located on Planet Mars. The game offers a realistic gameplay on mars, where you will be finding clues to uncover mysteries of protagonist’s past. In the above video you can checkout a 20 min gameplay that will offer a detail glimpse on how the game is.

The Inpatient: Initial Release Date – 23 January, 2018. Platform – PS4

The Inpatient is another psychological horror game that will be exclusively releasing on PS4. You will be playing as a patient who is suffering from amnesia. You will be controlling his choices and trying to reclaim his memories. The game also supports VR. NPC can also react through voice. The central character finds him in a medical facility with no memory, and now it is on you to get all the clues.

Subnautica: Initial Release Date – 16 January, 2018. Platform – Xbox One, PC, PS4 & Mac

Subnautica is a bit different survival horror game, this game will deep you into deep ocean of alien creatures. You will be playing underwater, crafting equipments, driving submarines, and exploring the alien wild life. It is an open-world game with lot of things to explore. Players will have to survive to find supplies like water, good, etc and craft equipments for exploration. Players will also have to gather resources in order to build diving gears, lights, water craft, etc. The deeper you go, the rarest resources you can find.

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