The Five Best Amiibo

Legend of Zelda Amiibo

When Amiibo first launched in 2014, Nintendo fans from all over the world went crazy for them. They were well-made figurines that are based on some of the most popular characters in Nintendo’s library. The stock for Amiibo immediately ran out in western countries, and many fans were forced to pay scalpers more money than the Amiibo were initially sold.

Amiibo was initially sold for 12.99 USD, but scalpers would sell them for over fifty dollars. People would pay these scalpers because supplies for Amiibos were so low. We spent thirty dollars on a Lucina Amiibo because it was the lowest price at that time.

Now Amiibo aren’t as big or as in demand as they once were. That same Lucina Amiibo has now been seen at local retails, being sold at a reasonable price. The Amiibo craze has died out, and it now seems like Amiibo are no longer a big part of Nintendo’s plans. While new Amiibo will continue coming out for Super Smash Bros., they probably won’t be as prevalent as they were in the first few years.

However, during those first few years, Amiibo were able to release some of the best toys out there. There was a yarn Yoshi Amiibo, a giant Amiibo based on the Guardian from Breath of the Wild, a giant Detective Pikachu Amiibo, and an Amiibo based on the classic pixel looks from old-school games.

The Five Best Amiibo

Now we count the five best Amiibo that have released.

5. Super Smash Bros. – Cloud

The Cloud Amiibo is on this list purely for shock value. It is still hard to imagine that Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. The Final Fantasy franchise made the switch from Nintendo to the PlayStation with VII, and since then, FF VII remained exclusive to non-Nintendo platforms. Having Cloud be in Smash changed all that, though. It opens the floodgates, and now several Final Fantasy games have been ported onto the Nintendo Switch. Cloud in Smash was a pipe dream that no one saw coming, yet here we are. He now has an Amiibo along with all the other Nintendo characters.

4. Yarn Yoshi

Yarn Yoshi is one of the more creative Amiibo. Generally, Amiibo are little figures on top of a flat base. Yarn Yoshi is a stuff Yoshi made up out of yarn. These Amiibo served as tie-ins for Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U, which was a game that is all about yarn. Most Amiibo can connect to your Nintendo console with the base, but Yarn Yoshi had the tool to connect to the console inside of itself. Yarn Yoshi came in three colors, green, blue, and pink. The Yarn Yoshi look adorable, and they feel great to hold. They are a brilliant and out-there idea that we wish Nintendo would have explored more with other Amiibo lines.

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3. Samus Returns – Metroid

Metroid: Samus Returns serves as a remake for the Metroid II: Return of Samus. The game launched in 2017, and it came along with several cool Amiibo. The Metroid Amiibo was probably the coolest, though. In case you don’t know, Metroids are parasitic aliens that look like floating brains with teeth. The alien species is covered with an outer layer that looks like transparent jelly. For the Metroid Amiibo, the jelly-like substance is squeezable. It feels lovely and made it a must-own Amiibo for Nintendo fans.

2. Wolf Link

The Wolf Link Amiibo came out for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, an HD remaster for the Wii U that is based on the original game from the GameCube and Wii. In the game, Link is capable of transforming himself into a wolf. Wolf Link has always been a great design, and the details in the Amiibo are fantastic. The fur is detailed, and the Amiibo has real weight to it. It also has the character Midna on its back, and if you know anything about Midna, then you know she’s one of the best actors in the franchise. Nintendo didn’t need to add Midna, but we appreciate that they did. It adds to the toy.

1. Super Mario Odyssey – Mario and Peach

Probably the perfect Wedding toppers for any Mario fans, these Mario and Peach Amiibo from Super Mario Odyssey are simply the cutest yet. Mario is decked out in a white suit and top hat, while Peach is in a beautiful white dress. Mario looks suave as heck, and Peach has never looked more adorable. These two toys complement each other so very well.

There’s also a Bowser Amiibo, where he is also dressed up in white clothing, but the issue with it is that Bowser looks more like a pimp rather than a man getting married. Even though Mario and Peach don’t tie the knot in Odyssey, their outfits are the perfect imagery of a bride and groom on their wedding day. These toys feel purposely made with weddings in mind; who wouldn’t want these two on top of their wedding cakes on their big day?