All Amiibo rewards in Splatoon 3 – All compatible Amiibo

Tap and splat.

Image via Nintendo

As with many Nintendo Switch games, Splatoon 3 offers bonuses for tapping certain Amiibo against the device while playing. In Splatoon 3’s case, these bonuses are clothing sets. For each Splatoon Amiibo, you’ll get a piece of headgear, an outfit, and a pair of shoes. See the full list of rewards below — we’ve arranged them alphabetically by Amiibo line.

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Splatoon 3 Amiibo Rewards in Splatoon 3


Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

The trio of Splatoon 3 Amiibo release on November 11, so until then we don’t actually know the name of any of the associated outfits. That said, we can get a glimpse of them in the announcement trailer. The Yellow Inkling has a pair of sandals, a pretty cool jacket, and a fish bone to munch on.


Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

The Blue Octoling outfit is a complete martial arts getup, with a headband, gi, and sparring shoes.

Small Fry

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Lastly, the Small Fry outfit looks like something out of Mad Max, with assembled bits of armor from the head to the toes.

Splatoon 2 Amiibo Rewards in Splatoon 3

Inkling Boy

Image via Nintendo
  • Squinja Mask
  • Squinja Suit
  • Squinja Shoes

Inkling Girl

Image via Nintendo
  • School Clip-Ons
  • Squid Cardigan
  • Fringed Loafers

Inkling Squid

Image via Nintendo
  • Power Mask Mk 1
  • Power Armor Mk 1
  • Power Boots Mk 1


Image via Nintendo
  • Marinated Headphones
  • Marinated Top
  • Marinated Slip-Ons

Octoling Boy

Image via Nintendo
  • Steel Helm
  • Steel Platemail
  • Steal Greaves

Octoling Girl

Image via Nintendo
  • Enchanted Hat
  • Enchanted Robes
  • Enchanted Boots

Octoling Octopus

Image via Nintendo
  • Fresh Fish Head
  • Fresh Fish Gloves
  • Fresh Fish Feet


Image via Nintendo
  • Pearlescent Crown
  • Pearlescent Hoodie
  • Pearlescent Kicks

Splatoon 1 Amiibo Rewards in Splatoon 3


Image via Nintendo
  • Hero Headset Replica
  • Hero Jacket Replica
  • Hero Runner Replica

Inkling Boy

Image via Nintendo
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Samurai Jacket
  • Samurai Shoes

Inkling Girl

Image via Nintendo
  • School Hairclip
  • School Uniform
  • Base School Shoes

Inkling Squid

Image via Nintendo
  • Power Mask
  • Power Armor
  • Power Boots


Image via Nintendo
  • Armor Helmet Replica
  • Armor Jacket Replica
  • Armor Boot Replica

How to use Amiibo in Splatoon 3

Screenshot by Gamepur

Saying “just tap the Amiibo on your Switch” isn’t totally accurate — you need to be in the right spot to collect your rewards. The Amiibo Stand can be found right by where you start in Splatsville upon booting up the game. Interact with it to use your Amiibo and get your accessories. From there, you can pop open the menu to change your character’s appearance with your new duds. Don’t forget that you have to be at least level four before you can customize your look.