Why You Should Be A Tragic Clown In The Sims 4

Just when you think you’ve done all there is to do in The Sims 4, something else appears. Be a Tragic Clown in The Sims 4. Do it.

A Tragic Clown stares forlornly at a portrait of another Tragc Clown.

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Tragic Clowns have been a part of The Sims franchise since the very first game, but now you can do more than just summon him: you can become him. Embrace the clown; become the clown. 

It is to my everlasting shame that I, an avid player of The Sims 4 since way back in 2014, never knew you could play as a Tragic Clown. Dress as one, yes, but not play as one. Obviously, the very moment I made this discovery, I knew I had to do it. I created my clown, gave him the Joke Star aspiration (as clowns allegedly try to be funny), and got to work.

I think one of the reasons that I’ve never tried to do this before is because I have a well-known and almost debilitating fear of clowns, stemming from one particularly memorable Halloween night, but even I think these clowns are hilarious. As someone who is always looking for new and challenging ways to play The Sims, I simply could not resist. 

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A Tragic CLown attempts to deliver standup, but he looks incredibly sad.
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Facing My Biggest Fear: Becoming The Clown

It’s incredibly easy to become a Tragic Clown in the Sims 4—although you won’t be able to materialize in other Sim’s homes like a true Tragic Clown can. All you need to do is dress your Sim as a clown, and they will become one. You can do this in Create A Sim or just through the mirror or wardrobe with a preexisting Sim.

There is some leeway on clown design, with a few options for face paint and outfit colors, and once you’ve customized your clown, all you’ve got to do is resume the game. Your Sim will not only look like a clown but will have new moodlets and interactions. Try this on a new Sim for maximum immersion, or with a premade Sim to spice up an existing family. Would Bella Goth still love Mortimer if he was a Tragic Clown is The Sims’ answer to “would you still love me if I was a worm.” 

A tragic clown looks emotionally destroyed as he stands in front of a mural of two swans with their necks arched like a heart.
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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Once you start playing as your colorfully attired Sim, you should notice a few significant changes straight away. The first thing you should notice is the Tears Of A Clown moodlet. It’s a powerful moodlet which will slam dunk your Sim into a Very Sad mood, having about the same strength as the moodlet given to a Sim who has just witnessed the death of a loved one. Any poor, unfortunate Sims who wind up in the vicinity of your new Tragic Clown will be given the Such Tragedy! moodlet, making them nearly as depressed as the Clown. Meanwhile, your clown will be a little bit happier when surrounded by other Sims and gain the Misery Loves Company moodlet.

Your clown may also notice that Sims are sad around them and can attempt the Tragically Try To Cheer Up interaction that, while well-intentioned, is futile. Other Sims might not appreciate your clown’s efforts now, but time will prove your clown to be a comedic visionary while they will be remembered as tasteless haters.

Being a Tragic Clown isn’t all tragedy, as it also involves some clown stuff.  If you click on your Sim, you can get them to try to juggle. It will not go well, but they’re doing their best. It’s a cute animation but provides no moodlets. The only mood that will be changed is yours (the player) as you chuckle and watch your clown drop their jugging balls.

A Tragic Clown sobs inconsolably while on a beautiful beach.
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The Crafting Of A Tragic Thespian

When getting my own Tragic Clown created (equipped with both the Goofball and Gloomy traits, of course), I took a page from Vladislaus Straud’s book and made every outfit my Sim wears a Tragic Clown outfit. It’s not the exact same one, of course. A Sim must dress for the occasion. His formal outfit includes a little top hat.

Being a tragic clown is not a fashion statement; it’s a lifestyle.

Not a single event in The Sims 4 is not made funnier by the presence of a Tragic Clown, especially when you remember that their mere presence bums out everyone around them. Wedding? Sim death? Exploration of an ancient jungle temple? All funnier with the inexplicable addition of a Tragic Clown. Playing as a Tragic Clown is the single best way I have found so far to Commit to the Bit in The Sims 4. You would think this joke would be a bit one-note, but surprisingly, every new event and interaction is just as funny as the last.

Is my Sim having as good of a time with this as I am? No, absolutely not. This devotion to his craft has had a massive impact on his social life. Has my Sim been able to forge even one meaningful connection since he put on the big shoes? No, no he has not—but that’s showbiz, baby.

Being a Tragic Clown is a huge deterrent for potential friends, and it’s completely annihilated my Sim’s dating life. If a life of eternal loneliness is the price he must pay for his art, then so be it. I’m sure a really determined player can make it over these hurdles, but personally I find it funnier not to. I cannot describe the fiendish glee I get from sending him out into the neighborhood knowing with absolute certainty that he is about to ruin the night of anyone he meets.

A Tragic Clown tries to talk to a hip looking woman. It is not going well, she displays a picture of his face with a red circle with a line crossed through it.
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The Clown Suffers For My Amusement

There is nothing that is not made funnier and more difficult in The Sims 4 with the inclusion of a Tragic Clown. Personally, I cannot wait to have mine solve the Strangerville mystery. While it would be worth it for the visuals alone, a large part of the Strangerville mystery (and many Sims Scenarios) requires gaining the trust of other Sims and getting them to give you information. And nobody, absolutely nobody, wants to talk to a Tragic Clown.

A pariah among Sims, it takes some very determined low-risk socials to get any townies to interact with your clown at all. Any time the game starts to get a bit dull, I recommend loading up a new game and trying to win friends and influence people while wearing a giant red nose. 

A sad clown performs a morose round of karaoke.
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Just when I think I’ve discovered all that The Sims has to offer, I find something new to do in the game. While not as game-changing as playing as an occult Sim, this is a great way to unlock some of the game’s hidden features. Whether you are looking for a new in-game challenge or just a good laugh, I could not recommend becoming a Tragic Clown any higher. The only real tragedy here is that I didn’t try this earlier.