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Sims Misbehaving
Image via EA

10 Things Sims Love to Do That Sims 4 Players Absolutely Hate

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a Sim left to their own devices in The Sims 4 will get up to shenanigans

In The Sims 4, your Sims will do all sorts of bizarre and occasionally infuriating things when left to their own devices. Fans of the game share the most annoying autonomous habits of their characters in The Sims 4.

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Let’s be honest: Sims don’t always have their best interests at heart when it comes to the actions they get up to when your back is turned. From flirting with someone in front of their spouse to setting the kitchen on fire, Sims 4 gamers know that a Sim making their own decisions is a dangerous thing.

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Flirting With All the Wrong People

Flirting with the Married Neighbor Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

Hands down, the most irritating thing your Sim will do if you’re not watching is flirt with anyone and everyone. If your Sim gets in the flirty mood and you blink without monitoring their actions, they’re likely to flirt with whoever is nearby. Does it matter if their spouse is right there watching? No, it does not.

Sims 4 fans on Reddit have shared countless stories in which their Sims broke up relationships due to inconveniently timed flirtations. You can’t trust a monogamous Sim to stay that way when your back is turned.

We Don’t Care if It’s Half Full or Half Empty, Just Stop Leaving Glasses of Water Everywhere

Contemplating a Glass of Water Sims
Screenshot via Gamepur

Sure, it’s important to stay hydrated. But does that mean we don’t get annoyed when our Sims constantly go to the bathroom sink to get a glass of water, only to leave it in a random spot in the house? No, it does not.

Sims do this so often that we’re pretty sure the entire house would be full of smelly old half-empty water glasses without intervention from the great Gamer in the Sky.

Making Drinks All Day Long

Making Drinks Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

Speaking of beverages, if you have a bar in your house, you can look forward to seeing your Sims make themselves drinks all day, every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s five o’clock somewhere or not; if you leave your Sim to do what they want, they’ll want a drink from the bar.

And will they clean up after themselves when that’s done? Of course, they won’t.

Using All Their Spare Time for Gaming

Gaming Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

Look, this one is maybe a smidge on the hypocritical side for gamers, but we don’t play video games to watch our Sims play video games.

When you have a computer in your house, everyone wants a piece of it. Guests and household Sims alike will gravitate towards the screen to play video games the moment you don’t have something else in mind, and suddenly, we’re looking at a world of professional gamers.

Nobody Puts Baby on the Ground… Except a Sim with Free Will

Baby on the Ground Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

If there’s a baby in your household, there’s a baby on the floor in your household.

Sims love to cuddle their infants, but they’re not the best at putting them back in the crib when they’re done. Instead, they randomly pick up the kiddo and then set them down on the floor as one does.

Leaving Stacks of Dishes In Random Spots

Dirty Dish by the TV Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

When a Sim finishes a meal, the last thing they’re going to do is clean up. What’s even more puzzling is they often don’t leave the plate at the table where they ate. Instead, they’ll wander around the house and put it down in some random, occasionally hidden spot.

This leaves players to wonder why their Sims are in a bad mood due to the environment until they rotate their view and see the horrors lurking behind the TV.

Or Washing Those Dishes Anywhere But in the Kitchen

Bathroom Sink Dishes Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

If your Sims do decide to wash the dishes of their own volition, you best believe they’re not going to do it in the kitchen. Instead, they’ll head to the nearest bathroom and wash them there.

EA has said countless times that new updates to the game will fix this infuriating impulse, but the Sims seem determined to keep their right to avoid the kitchen sink at all costs.

Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching, Even Though They Hate Dancing

Dancing Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

If you’ve got a stereo in your household, your Sims are going to be obsessed with it. Seriously, they’ll turn that thing on at all hours, even when other members of the household are trying to sleep nearby.

What’s worse, they are determined to dance to the beat. This is true even for Sims, who have the dislike dancing trait, which means they’re gonna dance, but they’re also going to be in a bad mood about it.

Randomly Cooking Things and Giving Up Halfway Through

White Cake Sims 4
Screenshot via Gamepur

We’ve all been there. Your Sim heads to the fridge to start a recipe, but they get bored halfway through.

In particular, Sims have a fondness for baking white cake at their own house and others, but they’ll more than likely leave it half finished as a bowl on the counter. That, or they’ll set your kitchen on fire in the process.

Knocking Over The Trash Can and Other Such Mischief

Trolling Teh Forums
Screenshot via Gamepur

It doesn’t matter how much of a nice person you try to make your Sim; they will get up to mischief behind your back. Unmonitored Sims love to kick over the trash can and make a mess or hop on the computer to troll the forums and level up that mischief skill you were trying to avoid.

These ten unquenchable habits lead many Sims 4 players to turn off free will altogether or rely on mods to ensure their Sims can behave themselves. Still, even when we want to shake them, it’s the zany weirdness that makes playing with Sims so much fun.

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