Xenoblade Chronicles X: How to get the Skell License

Skell License

Every Xenoblade Chronicles X players are excited to get their hands on the Skell which will help them to take down various enemies(larger and tough once) and make it easy to explore the area with the faster way to transverse Mira. This guide will provide you with the tips on how to get the Skell License and which Proficiency Exams you need to complete for the License. 

Skell License

How to get the Skell License

In order to use the Skell, you require Skell License and that can be unlocked after completing the eight parts of the Proficiency Exam. This can only be unlocked after you manage to complete the chapter six. Don't you worry we have the best tips for you to complete only the main part of the mission and get Licensed with the Skell? So without any further ado, let's begin with all the Eight Proficiency Exam.

Proficiency Exam 1

Here you need to activate the probe from the FN site 117 in Primordia. The probe is nothing but two hexagons which are placed away from the start of the mission in New LA. Go get it.

Proficiency Exam 2

You need to take down 12 Blitz Blattas in Noctilum. As you start with this mission you will notice 3 spots where this Blattas will appear. Each spot will have 4 Blattas. We recommend you to just reload the map(once you get there) three or more times in order to complete this mission.

Proficiency Exam 3

In this exam you must defeat Shatskikh, the Flash is a tyrant class enemy who rarely spawns underwater. You can find him in the water of Northpointe Cave in Primordia, if not then try reloading the map until he appears. We recommend to stick to the plan and focus on taking him with a decent level team and do not engage into any fight with other enemies.  

Proficiency Exam 4

A very easy exam where you need to head towards the Noctilum’s Humdrum Peaks and inspect the indicated item. It's Done.

Proficiency Exam 5

After the easiest exam, it's time for some difficult one. In this exam, you need to locate three different item without any marked location. In short you need to hunt for this these items on your own. And if your are lucky enough you might have gathered it already in the game. If not then here are the locations:

  • 8x Rock Armadillos – Located by probe site 208 (top of Noctilum)
  • 3x Beagflea Squashes – Can be found at FN site 316 (top of the map) or at the entrance to the Devil’s Colony (entrance to Oblivia)
  • 6x Multi-Speckled Ladybugs – Check Sickle Rock Rise

Proficiency Exam 6 

We all know that earning credits via FrontierNav can help you earn the Miranium, but you must be using the research probes instead of any other. You must be confused with how and where to plant the probes in order to get more credits. So first thing first you must locate the highest letter grade research site and plant there a research probe. Try to make a chain of these probs so that you get three probes at the same tier and you can see then in your gamepad map. If you manage to make the chain of five then it will increase your effectiveness and you will in turn get better probes. Now uninstall all the mining probs as they impact on your credits. Remove them for the time being and see how you earn more than 15k profits from the FrontierNav.

Proficiency Exam 7

In this Exam, you must equip the weapon provided to kill the three giant grexes. Here is the trick to complete the mission much faster by simply equipping the weapon and kill only one of the monster and boom your mission is done.

Proficiency Exam 8 

The End is here and in this final exam they will ask you to complete one of the three quests and get your License. We personally recommend you to go with 'The Pip-Squeak' quest as this is the easiest and fast to do it. You need to have one Noka Mirrorstone if you don't have one then have a look at the 'FN site 207' and then talk to three people and while your conversation is on you must select the bottom two choices, spend around 2,300 for supplies. Now go ahead and talk to the person to complete the mission.

Getting The Skell License

Once you successfully complete all teh eight exams you will be eligible to get the Skell License and you're very first Skell. Enjoy your ride and let us know if you have any issue with the game.

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