State of Decay 2 Beginners Tips - How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

State of Decay Beginners Tips

State of Decay 2 is a straightforward game in which you build up a strong community to survive the zombie plague. So you have to keep on working to increase your and your allies chances of surviving. With a few handy tips you can work more effectively, in this guide you will get some really useful beginners tips on which you can lay down your plans for dealing with zombies in the game.

State of Decay Beginners Tips

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Scout Area:

State of Decay Beginners Tips

If you are able to find cell tower, billboards or if you can reach on top of a building scout the area properly. Focus on the question marks and you will be able to see more clearly. A lot of things will be revealed and marked on the map so that you can travel well for your objectives. This is the first thing you must do, have a clear map will help you to navigate properly and locate resources. For example, if you want fuel you can easily locate a gas station or if you want medicine you can head to a hospital or a clinic. In the same way, if you need ammos or good weapons visit a local police station.

Use The Radio:

State of Decay Beginners Tips

If you are stuck somewhere or unable to get direction use the radio to get an objective. The radio can also offer you the location of supplies and survivors in the region but against enough influence. You can also get Plague Hearts locations, by destroying it you can reduce the amount of zombies spawning in the area. It is recommended that you must not go alone, because there are can lot of zombies around the heart, carrying distractions and a few allies will help you complete your objective.

Play Silent:

State of Decay Beginners Tips

Zombies are drawn towards noises, so if you don't want to attract them then try going silent. Any noise like gunshot, horns, safe unlock sound, glass breaking noise, etc can attract zombies. But the sound of firecrackers can be used to distract them if you found a horde attacking your house throw up a firecracker at a distance and they will run towards the sound. You can also draw them away by honking horn, as they approach drive away. You can unlock silencer from the workshop that will help you to block the sound of gunshots.

Search Containers:

State of Decay Beginners Tips

When you are in a house or some building scavenging items, look on the top left of your screen for Containers Searched. There can be 4 or 5, you can search them in that specific area and easily gather good items.

Gather Books For Skill Upgrades:

State of Decay Beginners Tips

Once you scout the map properly you can visit libraries that will give you textbooks. You can give the book to a survivor to upgrade their skills. It can even grant a new specialization to the survivor. For example, you can find crafting book, mechanic book, chemist book, etc. By giving this to the survivor they can learn new skills or upgrade current one.

Claim Outpost:

By having an outpost you get access to safe, medical and food supplies. So start picking up them and establish it throughout the map. So if you have ample of places to rest down. You can use the community locker to store your items and keep your backpack empty so that you can carry ore. Upgrade your home base to get more outpost. Maintain Vehicles:

State of Decay Beginners Tips

Vehicles are your only fastest way to travel in State of Decay 2, so you have to maintain them at all cost. When you constantly use them, they will get damaged and explode once you see the black smoke. Using the toolkit you can repair them and you will also have to carry enough gas in the trunk.

Few more other things you can work is taking rest whenever you have enough time, that means switching to another character. Always keep your stock filled up especially medicines, the survivors at your home base will need them. Build an infirmary first, this will also help you to craft cure and use it if you are attacked by the zombies, especially when you are trying to destroy a Plague Heart. Always go with an ally, you can have extra help in-case you are surrounded. So these are some beginners tips you can also try out, for more updates on the game you can read our State of Decay Wiki guide.

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