Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Meet Kamski And Freedom March

Once Markus was able to start a revolution in the previous chapter Capitol Park, you will continue playing the game as Connor in Meet Kemski. Once the chapter begins, you will see Connor. There is a connection with chapter Ambassador Bridge where Hank and Connor get into argument. There was two ending in one Hank shoot Connor and in second Hank left him. If you had killed Connor in that chapter he will be available once again in this part of the game or else they both continue as best beds.

Detroit Become Human Walkthrough

Meet Kamski Walkthrough

As Connor, you will be meeting Kamski the creator of Androids and investigate the Deviant problem. This one is a very short chapter with two endings.

Meet Kamski:

From the choices Instinct, Lead and Kamski, pick the third one for more info. Wait for the android to return and till the time you can explore the house. On the right side of the house, you will spot a picture of Amanda. You can pick any options on the screen to continue talking. Follow Hank and you will be in a room with a big pool. Kamski is in the water, he will out after sometime.

Detroit Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough

After Kamski finishes talking ask about Deviants. It does not matter what you pick the answer will be the same. Kamski will ask Connor a question on who's side he is. There are three options Neutral, Defensive and Direct. Pick Direct to move ahead with the next options. They are Aggressive, Defensive, Troubled and Neutral. Pick any one, next Kamski will tell Connor to shoot an android. The next choices will lead to the different ending.

Ending 1 - Hank Was Disappointed With Connor's Decision

Shoot - If you pick this option Kamski will confirm that Connor does not feel any empathy and he is not a Deviant. You will unlock a series of questions after this you can ask. They are rA9, Jericho Location, and Virus. For rA9, Kamksi will not be able to tell you much. For Jericho, Kamski will give you the key. And for the last one Virus, he will explain how other Deviants are created. After getting answers go out and Hank will argue with Connor.

Ending 2 - Hank Thought Connor Made The Right Decision

Detroit Become Human Meet Kamski Walkthrough

Don't Shoot - If you pick this one then Kamski will prove Connor is a Deviant and won't answer anything about the investigation.  Follow Hank outside and he will ask Connor why he failed to shoot the android.

The chapter ends with this, it is a short one where Hank and Connor investigate Kamski for info on Deviants. In the next chapter Freedom March you continue playing as Markus.

Freedom March Walkthrough

In this part Markus will try to go for a procession, a peaceful to send a message to humans about androids problem.

Spent Time Alone:

In this part as Markus you will be going for a freedom march with other androids, there are multiple endings that rely on your choices. Next walk towards the wooden ledge and North will appear. She will ask you a question, for which you have three options Think, Alone and Daylight. Pick anything and from the next four options Followers, Next Step, Lie, and Sincere you can go with the first one.

Detroit Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough

North will say that Humans will never give freedom to Androids, this will reflect further four options Optimistic, Pessimistic, Fatalistic and Determined. Just pick anything, later North will insist to know more about Markus, you can pick Sincere to move ahead. Next, you can ask about North's past, she will try avoiding the question. Pick [OTHER NORTH] and then TRUST. She will tell her story.  Next, connect with her to share memories.

Rally Your People:

You will have to find all the androids in the place and free them. There is one sweeper android in the store and one is standing on the right corner near the store of musical instruments. On is on the right of the exit door and another one at the door. After freeing them go out, you will find two androids on the left side, one is in the parking other one is standing at the back of the truck. The android will take the truck and block the road. Now walk to the right side of the store from where you came out, there are two androids in the parking. Keep walking and free as many you find. Outside on the road, you will have to open the manhole cover.

Convert More Androids:

Detroit Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough

Look on your left with an android with a pram that looks like Kara, just press the keys to covert the androids and start marching. Ahead a police officer will block your path. You have two potions Raise Hand and Advance. If you pick the first one then all androids will raise their hand, that officer won't do anything just keep moving. He will call for more there will be different choices on which the endings will change. You can also pick the message to shout. The police will warn of open fire, you will see multiple choices on the screen. North will suggest a violent way and Josh will insist to go peacefully. After the warning, there will be three options Attack, Stand Ground and Disperse.

Detroit Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough

Ending 1 - John Gave His Life To Save Markus

If you choose to Stand Ground, then the police will start shooting the androids.  Once again North will insist to attack and you see the three options Attack, Stand Ground and Disperse. If you choose Stand Ground once again, they will begin shooting and kill a few androids. Next options are Charge, Sacrifice and Run Away. If you go with the second one the police will shoot Markus and others androids will run away, but John the security android from chapter Spare Parts will interfere. North and Josh will save Markus.

Ending 2- Simon Gave His Life To Save Markus (If Simon was alive)

From Attack, Sacrifice and Run Away if you pick Sacrifice and Simon was left alive in chapter Stratford Tower then he will interfere and sacrifice himself to save Markus.

Ending 3 - Markus Defeats The Police

Detroit Become Human Freedom March Walkthrough

For this ending you have to pick Attack > Confirm, then Androids will attack the police. A few of them will die at the start, hit the keys you see on the screen for a fight. In between, you will have three choices Left Disarm, Tackle, and Right Disarm. Pick Left Disarm to tackle all three of them one by one. After you have to gun you will get two choices Revenge or Spare. If you go with the first on then Markus will shoot the officer. Keep on fighting, unless you get a shield. After a while, an officer will try to shoot you have two choices Push North or Attack, go with the second one. The fight will continue for some time and Markus will kill a lot of people. When they try to escape you have two choices Revenge or Spare. If you pick the first one then North and Markus will shoot everyone.

Ending 4 - Markus Committed Suicide

During the right with police if you don't press any keys on the screen then Markus will be beaten up badly. Just don't press anything and you will see the police one by one kills everyone and Markus will have a gun in the end with two choices Shoot and Don't Shoot. If you pick Shoot Markus will kill himself and if you Don't Shoot yourself then Simon will interfere. Markus will be pulled out from the fight. The same thing happens if Simon is dead and John is alive.  If you choose to suicide then North will become the Leader. And in Chapter Crossroads where Connor was sent to stop Markus, he will try to stop North. She will try to convince Connor to turn into a Deviant and if you choose to become one, then Connor will take place of Markus.

 Ending 5 - Markus Fled 

From the option Attack, Stand Ground and Disperse if you go with the last one then Markus will try to leave, but the police will still shoot. You have to three options Charge, Stay and Disperse. Go with the last one, police will shoot and a lot of androids will die.

Depending on what you pick it looks the Androids were not really successful in the rally. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Last Chance, Connor or you can also read our Detroit Become Human Wiki guide for more updates on the game.

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