Vampyr Prologue Walkthrough - The Beginning

Vampyr is an action role-playing game where you will play as Jonathan Ried. A doctor who specializes in blood transfusion and he is a former combat medic. He visits London to check his ill mother where is bitten by a vampire. The chapter begins with a grave where Jonathan wakes up and then walk towards women and drank her blood to survive. After fighting with few vampire hunters he finally finds a hideout to rest.

Vampyr Prologue Walkthrough

Prologue Mission Walkthrough

After the first cutscene, walk on the wooden platform and after the crane, on your right, you will spot a woman.  After biting you will see that you had just bit your sister and she will die. A citizen will fire you, you have to run. Keep running, till you jump down into a wooden passage, after crossing the pipe on your right you will find a machete. It will help you to break the barrels which are blocking your path.

Vampyr Prologue Walkthrough

Kill the citizens in your path, avoid dodging. Just keep killing the citizens, till you reach a door. On the other side of the door, a citizen will block your path, after escaping you will see Aggravated Damage. Elements like Fire will cause the damage that will eat your health. You can see the current health status on the left top corner. Finally, you will reach a door with Keep Out sign. This indicates you reached a Hideouts. Rooms like this are located throughout the map, this is the place where you can craft items, upgrade abilities and weapons.

Inside the house, first, check the picture kept on the table in front.  On your left side, near the window, there is a desk on the right. Check the draws for Shillings, in front near the candle you will get Fire and Sun collectible. Go to the other room, on the right desk you will get a Bottle of Alcohol.  Check the dead body on the ground which will trigger a cutscene. Go upstairs, there is a broken mirror in the room on the right, go near for a cutscene.  Check the desk on right for shillings. Next, check the dead body on the left corner on a sofa. You will get a gun. You can check the weapon level that you can increase with time. A lot of things will be locked for the time being. Next, interact with the bed.

Vampyr Prologue Walkthrough

You will get the first and most important upgrade - Autophagy. It is a healing skill that will offer you 200 health at a cost of 10 Blood. The skill section will be available after you wake up.

Using the XP points you can buy skills, and at the start, you won't be having much. There will be a lot of skills which are locked. You can read our guide on How To Unlock and Upgrade skills to unlock the fast. The three skills you will get at the start are Aggressive ones,  they are Claws, Blood Spear, and Shadow Mist. These skills fall in the offensive category that deals damage in combat. You can read a walkthrough on the next Chapter Quarantine by clicking the link. To get more update on the game and learn about each and every skill about their upgrade cost you can refer our Vampyr Wiki Guide.