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Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall Walkthrough

Dutch and Arthur successfully busted a gang of O’Driscolls in the previous mission Old Friends, they found some explosives and a map of train robbery. The next mission after this is Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall (Walkthrough provided below) where you will participate in a train robbery. The robbery was planned by O’Driscolls and after attacking them in the last mission Dutch choose to move forward with it. The train has a bond that will fetch the gang a good amount of money.

Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall Walkthrough

Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall Walkthrough

You will get a save slot and in the cutscene, you will see injured John. There will be a short cutscene and later the quest will begin. Once again follow Dutch and he will explain you the entire plan for the robbery. Now if you want to earn a Gold Medal in this mission then you have to save Lenny once he falls from the train. You have to stop the train and take the guards within 1 min & 30 seconds. Avoid taking any damage and get 10 head-shots. All these requirements are necessary for the gold.


Once you see the tracks, ride towards the tracks and talk to Bill. He will tell you to setup the explosives and the detonator. Pick the spool from the ground near Bill and walk towards the detonator. It is kept near the rocks. Return to Dutch, all your gang members are waiting for the show. To cover your open the Weapon Wheel and go to the Item’s section, there on the bottom left you will see the bandana to cover your face. This will trigger a cutscene of the approaching train. Things will not work as planned, the detonator will fail.


Run behind your friends and jump over the train. You have to save Lenny as fast as possible to earn a Gold Medal. Just press the Triangle key to grab him and press X/A to pull him on the top of the train. Run towards the front car and jump down. Inside follow Lenny who will take down a guard. Next, he will tell you to do the same for another guard. You can stealth kill him, just go behind and shoot. More guards will shoot you back from a compartment ahead of you kill them. Don’t forget to loot the bodies and gather items. Lenny will go towards the Engine and he will get try to stop the train guard him. Kill the guard who is trying to stop him.

More enemies will appear after the train is stopped, stay cover behind the rocks and kill them. The one on the top of the train roof is easier to kill. If you have any plans to move ahead then do take cover behind the huge rocks. Move with your gang towards the backside where you will find a closed compartment. Dutch will try to convince some boys to open the door but they will not. Shoot the compartment door to threaten them.

This will not work, so Dutch will tell you to blow up the door with an explosive. Place the bomb in the bullet holes and light them with the Triangle/Y button. Step a bit far from the door and as the boys outside go inside. Below are the things you have to collect:

Inspect the Letter on the table on your right just as you enter.

  • Fine Brandy - On the desk in the center end of the compartment with a red diary on it.
  • Letter 2 - There is a second letter on the table you can read.
  • Bond - Walk towards the small library on the right end and look below in the shelve for a box with the bond.
  • Cigar - Turn around and look below the books on the opposite side.

Walk outside and in the cutscene, Arthur will share the bonds with Dutch. Now for dealing with the Guards(L2) you will have two choices Aim Weapon (R2) or Threaten (Triangle). Use the second option to tell them to go back into the train. Go towards the Engine car and start the train.

Once you start the train the mission is over, there will be a cutscene where you will see the caravan moves to a new location. The next mission after this one is Eastward Bound.

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