Octopath Traveler Cait guide: How to find and beat this rare creature


Caits are rare cat-like creatures in Octopath Traveler that offer huge rewards if found and beaten.

They can be distinguished by their cat-like bodies and the sacks thrown over their shoulders, making them look like thieves on the battlefield. Caits also won't fight back in battle and will instead choose to run at the quickest opportunity, so be sure to act fast to claim its rewards.

How can you find a Cait?

Caits are random, rare encounters that can appear sometimes by themselves or with another type of enemy. There's no real way to spawn a Cait and it will just appear at times for you to try and capture or kill.

What do Caits reward you with?

Caits give players large amounts of gold, JP, and XP if they are killed. Their high defense and evasion tendency, however, make them a challenging but rewarding foe to slay.

What types of Caits are there?

There are a total of three different Caits that you can randomly find during encounters.

These include a normal Cait, which rewards the player with 1,000 XP, 150 JP, and 3,000 Gold. A Cultured Cait can be found in the second ring area and offers double the rewards of a standard Cait, and a Chubby Cait, the rarest of them all, gives 2,000 XP, 1,000 JP, and 55,000 Gold if you can kill it.

What are Caits weak against?

Caits are weak against four different types of weapons: Swords, Daggers, Axes, and Staffs. They aren't weak to elemental magic attacks at all, though.

By breaking the Caits, you can increase the chance of beating them to claim their high rewards.

Can Caits be captured by Hunters?

Yes, all Caits can be captured, but it's incredibly hard to do so.

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