How to rotate and move objects and rooms in Two Point Hospital


Two Point Hospital lets you build the hospital of your dreams. That is, if your dreams have been about curing Freddie Mercury impersonators and treating clowns of Jest Infections. Right from the start, you’re thrown into an empty template of a hospital, and it’s up to you to build the rooms, hire the staff, purchase the equipment and, hopefully, save the lives.

In order to take on these monumental tasks, you’re going to need to understand Two Point Hospital’s keyboard controls, namely those focusing on navigation of your hospital, as well as the placement and movement of objects. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. You’ll be ready to cure patients and cover every available wall in gold certificates in no time!

Change your hospital camera view

In your efforts to optimize your hospital’s layout, you’ll likely find yourself needing to adjust the camera angle. This becomes increasingly necessary when trying to place items, such as hand sanitizers and posters, on walls which are facing away from you. Thankfully, Two Point Hospital allows you to easily zoom in and out on parts of your hospital, and you can also rotate the map as needed so you can check every nook, cranny, and ward.

How to span the camera

To span the camera across your hospital, you can use the W A S D keys. You can also hold down the Right Mouse button and drag to span.

How to change the camera pitch

To change the pitch of the camera, you can use the R and F keys.

How to rotate the camera

To rotate the hospital camera, you can use Q to move clockwise and E for counterclockwise, as well as the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys.

You can also hold down Mouse 3 and drag left and right.

How to use the camera zoom

To zoom the camera in and out, you can use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys or the Mouse wheel.

Rotating and managing objects in your hospital

You’re constantly reminded to create a pleasant, visually appealing hospital, and to do so you’ll want to be placing a lot of objects to raise your rooms’ prestige as well as the happiness of your guests and staff. It can be a bit difficult to fit all of the necessities in a room, but learning to properly rotate objects will certainly help you out. Rotating the objects will, by default, snap to the hospital’s invisible grid, but you can allow for free rotation, too.

How to rotate and move objects

To select a placed object, mouse over the item and hold down the Left Mouse button.

To rotate object to the right, you can use the X key.

To rotate object to the left, you can use the Z key.

How to rotate objects with snap to grid disabled

By default, the game will rotate items by snapping them to the four sides of an invisible grid. To rotate objects freely without it snapping to grid, you can hold down Ctrl key while rotating with X and Z. You can also hold down Left Mouse to rotate the object.

If you release Left Mouse, you’ll be able to move the object around the room, and holding it down will let you rotate the object again. Releasing the Ctrl key before placing the object will cause it to snap back to the grid.

Rotating and managing rooms in your hospital

As your hospital grows, you may find that the layout you’ve constructed isn’t working for you anymore. Thankfully, you can easily pick up and move entire rooms and nobody will notice! You can also easily rotate a room for a better fit in its new home.

How to rotate entire rooms

To rotate a room, Left Click on the room to target it and select the “Edit” button. Left Click on the room again, and use the X and Z to rotate the room right and left.

How to pick up and move entire rooms

To move a room, Left Click on the room and click the “Edit” button. Hold down Left Mouse and drag the room to the desired destination. Left Click again to place the room.

The WASD keys and Middle Mouse button will come in handy to help span your camera quickly to get your room placed where you’d like it before anyone dies.

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