How to find crimes faster in Marvel's Spider-Man


Getting every collectible, finishing the main story, and battling a handful of secret bosses aren't Spidey's toughest challenges. Un-marked on the map, cleaning up New York City's spontaneous crimes in Marvel's Spider-Man requires sniffing them out to snuff them out.

While swinging through New York City, you might come across certain red exclamation marks that appear randomly from time to time. These markers indicate a crime that is currently taking part in the city, and its your choice to answer the call.

While you could avoid them, these crimes offer a good amount of EXP for a successful completion alongside Crime Tokens, which can be used to purchase suits and upgrade gear. Crimes are limited in each district and are necessary to 100 percent completing the game.

Is there an easier way to pinpoint crimes? And what do you need to get them all?

There are four different types of crimes scattered throughout New York, based on the four different types of enemies. Thug, Demon, Sable, and Criminal.

Faction crimes will only appear during the main story when one is most strongest, with Thug Crimes, for example, only showing up in Chapter one and disappearing for the rest of the story. If you wait until the end of the campaign, however when you can roam the city freely, all four faction will appear at once in a petty crime free-for-all.

Crimes appear at random and have no set location. You can find them easily by standing still and waiting for one to spawn. If you swing through the city, you'll be moving so fast that you might de-spawn crimes behind you as you load a new part of the city. It's a nice night to perch on a rooftop, take the city in, and wait for someone to rob a suit store.

Once you complete a crime, swing away a block or two so the latter can de-spawn. This signals to the game that it needs to implement a new one in the region. Rinse and repeat this process in every region and you'll soon complete the game in no time.

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