Get Hek'd with Jani: How to obtain the Child of Jani battle pet in Battle for Azeroth


World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion is rich with the pantheons of trolls (the race, not the internet jerks), introducing players to many of their worshiped loa (gods, basically). One loa you’ll want to meet is Jani, the mysterious Patron of Scavengers, Lord of Thieves, God of Garbage, Master of Minions, and Keeper of Secrets. Jani can be interacted with at twelve Mysterious Trashpiles located across Zandalar. Occasionally, he’ll have a task for you to complete, and other times he simply wants you to bring a precious treasure as an offering.

Jani's a real nice guy.

Unlock a battle pet, Child of Jani, by obtaining the Get Hek’d achievement

If you collect and return all of Jani’s treasures and complete his tasks, you’ll earn the achievement Get Hek’d. While you won’t automatically receive a reward for this achievement, it will instead unlock a new battle pet, the Child of Jani, at a vendor located in Dazar’alor.

What a lil' cutie! Image via WarcraftPets

To purchase the Child of Jani battle pet, visit Happy Holaua, who can be found sitting atop a direhorn in the Hall of Beasts. Happy Holaua is located at (55.9, 32.3), at the northeastern corner of Dazar’alor, on the temple's bottom level. Unfortunately, you’ve unlocked only the ability to purchase the pet, and you’ll have to spend 100 Polished Pet Coins to actually obtain a Child of Jani.

But I want to ride a tiny direhorn, too!

You can purchase as many Child of Jani as you’d like from the vendor, provided you have the Polished Pet Charms, of course. Polished Pet Charms can be obtained by completing Pet Battle World Quests.

Child of Jani can be caged, so you can sell it on the Auction House. Happy Holaua will not interact with Alliance characters, so her pets can be obtained only on Horde characters who have earned the qualifying achievement. This makes it quite difficult to obtain this pet if you play only Alliance, so you’ll likely have to keep an eye on the neutral Auction House or coordinate with a Horde player on a site such as Warcraft Pets.

How to start Jani’s quests on a Horde character

! Pests

Pests is given by a troll NPC named Nokano, who can be found at (54.6, 35.4) in The Zocalo at Dazar’alor. He’ll ask you to slay Thieving Snappers which have been getting away with his goods. Upon killing the required Snappers, a larger saurid called The Big One will spawn. Follow The Big One and he’ll lead you to Jani, where you’ll turn in the quest.

Curse of Jani

Once you’ve turned in Pests at Jani, he’ll offer a follow-up quest, Curse of Jani. Jani is angered that Nokano has set you out to slay his young and wants you to exact revenge. By biting him. He’ll transform you into a saurid and you’re on your own from there in an annoying stealth mission to bite the bottom of the nasty troll. Once you’ve completed Jani’s quest, you’ll be able to obtain his treasures and interact with trash piles across Zandalar.

How to start Jani’s quests on an Alliance character

! Pests

Jani’s quests for Alliance players are basically the same as those for Horde, except they start in the Vol’dun zone. Alliance players can speak with Quartermaster Alfin, located at (36.6, 32.2) at Shatterstone Harbor. Alfin, too, is annoyed by those pesky saurid and sends you out on a quest to rid the harbor of their presence. Again, follow The Big One to meet Jani and complete the quest.

Curse of Jani

Jani will transform you into a saurid, and you’ll be biting Quartermaster Alfin on the bottom. This one’s a bit easier than the Horde version, as you can simply run along the water, or swim, to avoid getting caught. Once you’ve completed your mission, you can return to Jani and will then be able to pursue her treasures.

Where to obtain and turn in Jani’s treasures

Jani’s treasures can be obtained by killing specific mobs around her trash piles. The items have a relatively low drop rate, typically around 4%, but the mobs are nothing special and fairly easy to kill. It shouldn’t take very long to farm the item, unless you’re just extremely unlucky. Once you’ve obtained one of Jani’s treasures, simply visit the correct trash pile and interact with it to spawn Jani. Each treasure can only be turned in at a specific trash pile, which we’ve outlined below.

Jani's Stash, filled with fabulous treasure. Well, mostly junk.

When you speak with Jani at a trash pile, if you have the treasure he wants in your inventory, a new dialog option will become available. Choose to give him the treasure he’s asking for, and he’ll reward you with a treasure of your own. A chest will spawn, Jani’s Stash, which contains War Resources, vendor trash, and the occasional, uncommon quality prismatic gem.


Where to find and return Jani’s treasures in Naz’mir

Item Dropped by Location Trashpile coordinates Closest Flightmaster (Horde)
Nazwathan Relic Nazwathan Guardian, Nazwathan Blood Bender, Nazwathan Hulk Nazwatha, Nazmir 68.54, 32.84 Gloom Hollow
Snapjaw Tail Primal Snapjaw, Rivermarsh Snapjaw Primal Wetlands, Nazmir 34.00, 75.11 Zul'jan
Vilescale Pearl Priestess Zaldraxia, Vilescale Mana Taster, Vilescale Guardian, Vilescale Poacher Krag'wa's Shore, Nazmir 80.91, 46.80 Forlorn Ruins

Where to accept and complete Jani’s quests in Naz’mir

Quest Starts at Location Trashpile coordinates Closest Flightmaster (Horde)
Taking the Loa Road Mysterious Trashpile Sunken Path, Nazmir 53.99, 74.08 Zul'jan


Where to find and return Jani’s treasures in Vol’dun

Item Dropped by Location Coordinates Closest Flightmaster (Horde)
Charged Ranishu Antennae Ranishu Nibbler, Ranishu Ravager Court of Zak'rajan, Vol'dun 46.98, 46.56 Vulpera Hideaway
Polished Ringhorn Hoof Ringhorn Fawn, Ringhorn Stag, Ringhorn Strider Bouldered Bluffs, Vol'dun 56.27, 15.27 Tortaka Refuge
Sturdy Redrock Jaw Redrock Howler, Redrock Scavenger The Eternal Spring, Vol'dun 49.36, 84.41 Temple of Akunda

Where to accept and complete Jani’s quests in Vol’dun

Quest Starts at Location Coordinates Closest Flightmaster (Horde)
Saurid Surprise Mysterious Trashpile Scorched Sands Arena, Vol'dun 42.19, 72.07 Scorched Sands Outpost


Where to find and return Jani’s treasures in Zul’dazar

Item Dropped by Location Coordinates Closest Flightmaster (Horde)
Feathered Viper Scale Feathered Viper Rootway, Zuldazar 62.73, 20.57 Nesingwary's Gameland
Golden Ravasaur Egg Savagemane Ravasaur, Feral Ravasaur The Feeding Grounds, Zuldazar 71.68, 41.29 Warbeast Kraal

Where to accept and complete Jani’s quests in Zul’dazar

Quest Starts at Location Coordinates Closest Flightmaster (Horde)
Big Hunter Mon Mysterious Trashpile Nesingwary's Trek, Zuldazar 66.20, 16.60 Nesingwary's Gameland
The Great Hat Robbery Mysterious Trashpile The Slough, Zuldazar 61.91, 46.89 Warbeast Kraal

How to use waypoints to find Jani’s trashpiles

The waypoints provided above can be used with popular waypoint addons. We recommend using TomTom, as it will set pins and descriptions on your world map to make locating the trash pile easier. To enter waypoints, simply copy and paste the commands directly into your chat log (ex. /way xx, yy). If you wish to set multiple waypoints at once, you’ll need to use another add-on, such as Copypasta, which allows you to input multiple lines to chat at the same time.

Waypoints for all of Jani’s trashpiles in Naz’mir

/way Nazmir 68.54 32.84 Nazwathan Relic
/way Nazmir 34.00 75.11 Snapjaw Tail
/way Nazmir 80.91 46.80 Vilescale Pearl
/way Nazmir 53.99 74.08 Taking the Loa Road

Waypoints for all of Jani’s trashpiles in Vol’dun

/way Vol’dun 46.98 46.56 Charged Ranishu Antennae
/way Vol’dun 56.27 15.27 Polished Ringhorn Hoof
/way Vol’dun 49.36 84.41 Sturdy Redrock Jaw
/way Vol’dun 42.19 72.07 Saurid Surprise

Waypoints for all of Jani’s trashpiles in Zul’dazar

Please note that TomTom waypoints for this zone are currently bugged and will not work until the bug has been fixed.

/way Zuldazar:Zandalar 62.73 20.57 Feathered Viper Scale
/way Zuldazar:Zandalar 71.68 41.29 Golden Ravasaur Egg
/way Zuldazar:Zandalar 66.20 16.60 Big Hunter Mon
/way Zuldazar:Zandalar 61.91 46.89 The Great Hat Robbery

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