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Fleeting Joy Walkthrough

In the previous chapter Dear Uncle Tacitus, Arthur found his gang has left the camp and is somewhere in Lakay. In this mission Fleeting Joy, Arthur and Dutch will reunite with their gang members once again. Back to the family things turned tragic when Pinkertons attacked the place, as they are already tracing the gang.

Fleeting Joy Walkthrough

For Gold Medal, you will need to kill 2 Pinkerton using the Dead Eye as you ambush them from the main door. Get 5 headshots with Gatling Gun and complete everything with 70% accuray using the gun, avoid taking any health items.

Reunion | Fleeting Joy

Arthur finally finds his gang members and everyone is pretty happy to see him. Next Dutch also joins in and everyone tells that Strauss & Mrs. Adler helped the gang to escape from Pinkerton’s. Abigail will tell that John is in prison. Just after a short while, Pinkertons will attack the camp. Follow Mrs. Adler by crawling on the floor. She will take you on the back of the house and towards the front through the trap door.

Kill The Machine Gunner | Fleeting Joy


Once you have the controls lock the lawmen with the gun machine first. Then lock others around. Shoot them and target a few more on your right. You can use Dead Eye multiple times. They will start running away. Follow the left Lawmen and shoot them. Follow Sadie and Bill to clear the remaining ones.

Go To Machine Gun | Fleeting Joy

Return to the machine gun and use it to kill down all the approaching lawmen. Check the red spots in the mini-map that will help you to get the locations. There will be a whole bunch of army charging in. After clearing those off there will be a cutscene.

Abigail will try to talk about John and he is going to hang soon. Dutch will walk away, but she will beg Arthur and Mrs. Adler to do something. The mission is over, Sadie told you to meet her to discuss rescuing John Marston. You can play the next mission A Fork in the Road while on your way to meet Sadie.

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