Pokemon Let's Go Power Plant Location And How To Catch Zapdos

Power Plant Location & How To Zapdos

Power Plant is located near Route 10. In this Power Plant Location & How To Catch Zapdos - Pokemon: Let's Go guide you can find how to find and what abilities to unlock to reach Power Plant. Also, read tips on How to find Zapdos and catch with the best tips. Learn about its weakness and what you need to do to catch it without putting much effort.

Power Plant Location & How To Zapdos

Power Plant Location & How To Catch Zapdos

To get to Power Plant, you have to unlock an ability that allows you to cross water bodies, read the full guide on how to find Power Plant and defeat Zapdos.

How To Acquire Sea-Skim Ability

Before you proceed to locate Power Plant, you will need to acquire Sea-Skim ability. Without this, you cannot reach the target location. Go to GO Park located in the northern corner of Fuchsia City. Find a man standing next to Lapras, he will teach Eevee/Pikachu Sea-Skim ability. This allows you to surf on water.

How To Get To The Power Plant Location

You will need the Sea-Skim ability before you start walking towards the Power Plant. Most of the players can acquire this while playing the main story. Once you had this Open the map in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, and you will see a Power Plant located next to Route 10. Go towards the Northern corner region of Route 10 just above sold Poke Center. You will come across a grassy region on the top of the route, go towards the edge of the water.


With the help of Sea Skim ability, you can surf on the water and follow the river all the way to the south. Just follow the river till you reach a small lake. Turn west and get on the shore on the Northern side. Continue following the path and in the end, you will reach the Power Plant. You will find Legendary Bird Zapdos on the outer region of Power Plant.

How To Catch Zapdos - Level 50 Legendary Bird Pokemon

Zapdos is a very powerful Legendary Bird Pokemon, one of the most important reasons to visit the Power Plant. Once you are able to make your way to the Power Plant, you will face Zapdos outside. Locating the pokemon is not complicated, but catching is not easy. Carry a lot of UltraBalls and play with strong Pokemon's like Rhydon or Onix. Below are some tips that will help you to catch Zapdos.

  • Type - Electric – Flying.
  • Level up your Pokemon to 50 or higher.
  • Weakness - Rock, Ice and Ground.
  • Common Attacks - Thundershock & Drill Peck.
  • Poke Balls - Carry more than 20 Poke Balls, the higher is more good also keep Great and Ultra Balls with you.

Use Rock or Ground-type Pokemon's to take advantage of Zapdos’s weakness. Under Rock/Ground you can use Golem, Rhydon and Onix type Pokemon's. You can also use Snorlax or Lapras for Ice attacks. Stab Rock Slide is a pretty powerful move against Zapdos. The only attack Zapdos knows is Drill Peck. If you bring in Pokemon's who can resist flying attacks then it is easier to catch him. You can feed some Nanab Berries to the pokemon to calm it down and then aim your Ultra Ball.

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