How To Get Unlimited Horse Reviver In RDR2 Online

How To Get Unlimited Horse Reviver

RDR2 has a low paying economy that means you have to work more for less money. So spending on important items like Horse Reviver can be a costly choice. The cost of Horse Reviver is $9.50, it is a kind of potion that brings your Horse to life once it dies. After feeding your mount the elixir you can ride towards tough terrains or jump from a height without worrying much. But buying a high quantity of Horse Reviver will cost you a big money, a 10 piece of Horse Reviver cost $95. In this guide, you can learn about a glitch that gives you Unlimited Horse Reviver for free.

How To Get Unlimited Horse Reviver

How To Get Unlimited Horse Reviver.

There is one specific location in RDR2 Online that has an unlimited supply of Horse Reviver that cost $9.50 in the shop. You get this almost for free.

Infinite Horse Reviver Location

Horse Reviver can be found in many places across the massive open world of RDR2 Online, but there is one place where you can get this more than one time. There is actually no limited spawn time. At a time you can carry around 30 items, so you can gather enough of them.


Go Game Menu and select Online. Pick New Austin if you had explored the region enough. On the North-eastern side of Mercer Station, you will have to locate a barn. Outside the barn near the wooden barrels on a small crate you will find a Horse Reviver. Collect it, exit the barn and ride straight till you reach train tracks. Cross them and return back to the Barn. You will find the Horse Reviver item on the exact same spot. Collect it and repeat the process.

You can do this multiple times to gather enough number of Horse Reviver. Also if you are interested in making money fast then check our guide which offers you a simple method to earn a good amount of money in RDR2 Online - How To Make $300 Plus Quickly By Fishing.

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