Super Smash Bros Ultimate - How To Unlock Link

How To Unlock Link

Do you want to Unlock Link in Super Smash Bros Ultimate in World of Light mode then follow the instructions mentioned in this guide. The link will be available as a challenger first, after defeating him in the battle Link will unlock as a Fighter you can choose to play.

How To Unlock Link

How To Unlock Link

There are overall 74 characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you get 8 of them unlocked at the start and others are available as you win matches. In this guide, you will find info on unlocking Link.

Tips To Unlock Link In World of Light Mode

Once you start World of Light mode, you will soon come across a choice. This choice will impact on the character unlock, so if you pick the right you will unlock Link soon or else you have to wait for a long time. So once you see your character approaching crossroad, you will have to pick one from Sheik, Marth, and Villager. Select the last option Villager, this will give you access to Link. The left two are Sheik or Marth which can also deliver a good character but at this moment you can go with only one and Link is our priority.

After picking Villager, the other two routes will be blocked, follow the path and fight few Spirit Battles to unlock Link in the end.

It all depends on the choice you pick, by playing matches regularly you can unlock new characters one by one. But if you follow the regular way then it going to take ages to unlock of them instead, you can read our guide on How to unlock all characters to find info collecting all Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters in less time.

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