The Sims 4 - How to Age Pets Up and Down

Rumpo and Bear

The Cats and Dogs expansion is probably my favorite in The Sims 4. Unlikely that I’m alone there. Most people have their favorite pet scratching up their furniture or pooping on their back deck. You love those virtual fur balls and don’t want them to go away. Luckily, with a trip to the vet you can fully control the age of your pets, and even resurrect them should the worst happen.

How to Age Pets Up and Down

The Sims 4 Age Pets Up and Down
Brindleton Bay • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

If you’d like to age a pet up or down in The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, travel to Brindleton Bay, then make your way to the Brindleton Pawspital. As soon as you head inside you’ll see a refrigerator on the right side. Click on it and choose the option to Purchase Items, then select the treat you want and how many before clicking the check mark at the bottom of the menu to confirm.

  • Age-Down Treat: $150
  • Age-Up Treat: $150
  • Ambrosia Pet Treat: $2,500
The Sims 4 Age Pets Up and Down
Brindleton Pawspital • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

Why would you want to play with the aging of your pets? Well, you may love them as a kitten or puppy so much that you don’t want them to change. In my case, I turned my cat into an adult because I’m trying to work my way through the Friend of the Animals aspiration, and I needed my cat to start misbehaving so I could lecture it. Now that my cat can jump on objects, it gets into all sorts of trouble that I can correct to further my aspiration. What’s great, though, is that I could use the aging treats to turn it back into a kitten when I’m done.

The Sims 4 Age Pets Up and Down
The Sims 4 Pet Treats • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

How exactly do you use the aging treats? Buy the treat and it will be added to your Sim’s inventory. When you click on any animal at that point, you’ll be given the option to Give Vet Treat, and then you’ll select the one you want to give them. Once you complete the interaction with the pet you chose, they will age accordingly. It might take about 30 seconds to complete, so don’t worry if you don’t see instant results.

The Sims 4 Age Pets Up and Down
The Sims 4 Aging Pets • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

Players can also use Dr. Magi-Heal’s Medicine Craft-o-Matic. You could buy one for your home, but it’s going to cost you. You could also use the one at the Brindleton Bay vet clinic, but your Vet skill would have to be level six (Thanks, Carl’s Sims 4 Guide), so it’s likely easier just to buy the treats if you’re in a hurry.

I made an interesting discovery while playing around with this feature to write this; you can give the treats to any pet, not just ones you own. The pets can be yours, another Sim’s, or even strays.

The second thing I found was that giving pets the aging treats is a cheaper way to cure any illness that they have. Vet bills for top treatments can be expensive, but two aging treats are only $300. Give your pet one, then give them the opposite. They’ll lose whatever affliction they had with the first treat, but you’ll want to give them the second to return them to their normal age. Use caution, though, since I don’t know if this impacts their training or learned habits.

Now that you know how to age pets up and down, be sure to check out all The Sims 4 content on TL;DR Games for more information on everything you need to live the perfect virtual life.

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