Sea of Thieves - Riddle Answers and Quests Explained

Pirates are descending upon Sea of Thieves like a hungry pack of wolves at the neighborhood barbecue. Is that a thing? It is in Canada. Trust me. Needless to say, gamers are excited to get their crews together and strike out onto the open seas in search of adventure and booty. The looty, treasure chest kind of booty, of course. Riddle Quests play a big role in finding treasures and we’re here to assist you with some tips on what they are and how to get those pesky Riddle Answers.

What Are Riddle Quests?

The long answer behind what Riddle Quests are can be found in the video above. It showcases the developers at Rare discussing how the idea came to be and how they’ve implemented it. The short answer to what Riddle Quests are in Sea of Thieves is that they random pieces of parchment paper that contain one or more riddles. They are no unlike treasure maps in that they will eventually lead your crew to some sort of hidden treasure.

Riddle Quests are typically made up of multiple steps and only the current portion of the riddle is visible to your crew. Once you solve that riddle and arrive at the next location, or perform the required action, the next part of the riddle will become visible. You can get a general idea of how involved a riddle is based on the number of washed out lines on the piece of parchment.

Sea of Thieves - Riddle Answers and Quests Explained
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Because these quests are randomly generated, they are unique to your crew. You will not be able to share these maps or the quest’s treasure location with other crews. That can be an advantage because you’re not fighting with a potentially unfriendly crew over the same piece of loot. Pirates aren’t exactly known for their cooperative spirit.

How to get Riddle Answers

So how does one solve the Riddle Quests and get the answers? Well, that’s the rub, folks. There is no sure fire way or perfect explanation for each riddle. It will depend a lot on the riddle on your specific piece of parchment and the difficulty and complexity of each Riddle Quest can vary wildly.

There are some general tips that will help you get Riddle Answers, however:

  • Each riddle is focused around a specific landmark on your map.
  • The destination of a riddle will also be a specific island.
  • Once you’ve located the island on your map, you may need to perform certain actions to answer a riddle.
  • Try triggering certain objects that the riddle may refer to.
  • Some riddles require you to wait a specific amount of time or perform tasks during a certain time of day.
  • The basic premise behind treasure maps can apply to riddles, so moving a specific number of paces may be the answer.

Most importantly, work together as a crew. While splitting up may sound like a good idea, it’s often advised to stick together, share the riddle instructions, and let everyone contribute their ideas on how to solve the problem at hand. This is part of being a pirate and it’s one of the most enjoyable times in Sea of Thieves when your crew finally solves one of those pesky riddles. Of course, you’re also free to share advice in the comments, if you feel like being the sharing and loving kind of pirate.

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