Where To Find Caribou In Far Cry 5


I didn’t know this, but caribou are basically reindeer on their holidays. When they are just strolling through a forest and relaxing, they are caribou. Use one to pull some jolly fat geezer in a sleigh and he is officially a reindeer. I’m sure it is more complicated than that, but this isn’t National Geographic, so our standards of animal classification are pretty low. Either way, if you are reading this you want to know a caribou location, so you can shoot one in the face.

Caribou Location

Caribou Location
Caribou LocationTLDRGames • Fair Use

Caribou can be found to the south west of the F.A.N.G Center, in Jacob’s region. There you will find a large, branching river. The caribou can be found hanging out along the waters edge, looking all majestic. When you are hunting animals in Far Cry 5, I would strongly suggest that you bring Boomer with you. The faithful pupper can automatically tag animals that are within range, which makes finding what you are looking for much easier. If you don’t have Boomer yet, check out our useful guide on how to get your ANIMAL COMPANIONS.

Happy hunting, hopefully this guide helps you track down those caribou. Check out the rest of our high quality FAR CRY 5 GUIDES if you need help with any other aspect of the game.

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