COD Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta - How To Get The Ray Gun

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout beta kicked off yesterday, and it’s given players the first ever opportunity to get their hands on the highly anticipated battle royale mode. There are numerous locations on the map that are inspired by previous places which bring a great sense of nostalgia for longtime veterans to the franchise, along with guns that were first seen in prior Call of Duty games. One of these is the Ray Gun, a futuristic weapon that until now, was exclusive to the Zombies game mode. For the first time, the gun is available to use on other players, which is quite frankly groundbreaking.

Where to Find the Ray Gun

There’s an element of luck but to give yourself the best chance of obtaining the high damage one-handed weapon, you want to land by the Asylum. Look toward the sky, and you’ll see a blue beam soaring towards the clouds, likely either inside the Asylum or in the graveyard to the south-east of it. If you are experienced with Call of Duty’s zombies mode, you’ll recognize that light as the indicator for the mystery box. In Zombies, the mystery box is a gamble where you spend your hard-earned points in exchange for a random weapon, but in Blackout, it’s more generous. You don’t have to pay anything to open it, and you’re guaranteed a level three armor which is the best protection in the game. It also comes with a weapon, which can vary from a Titan LMG to a Galil or Hellion Salvo rocket launcher.

How to Get the Ray Gun

You’ll notice that the box is crowded with zombies trying to eat your brains. To obtain the Ray Gun, you need to grab the gun from the mystery box and kill them. The Ray Gun has a small chance of dropping from each zombie you kill. Unfortunately, it means there’s no guarantee you’ll get one every single game, but it doesn’t seem too rare – in about five or six tries, we’ve grabbed the Ray Gun three times. After you kill the zombies and loot the mystery box, it will relocate to another area on the map, just like it does in the normal zombies mode.

It’s a great throwback to previous games, and while the gun is excellent at killing zombies in Blackout, it’s dominant against players too. Be careful using it at long range though, as the bullets have a long travel time. Either way, the Asylum is a safe place to drop every game to find some high-level gear.

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