Ring Of Elysium: Everything You Need To Know

Ring of Elysium - Hang-gliding

Ring of Elysium has been blowing up on Twitch lately. A number of famous streamers have been giving the game a shot such as Dr. DisRespect, TSM Daequan, and Summit1g. It may seem like another standard battle royale game in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with them, but what makes Ring of Elysium unique and why should you be paying attention to it?

Ring Of Elysium: Everything You Need To Know
Ring of Elysium – 4×4Ring of Elysium • Fair Use


Ring of Elysium is a battle royale game, that much is clear. But unlike the other main battle royale games on the market like FortnitePUBG and soon-to-be Black ops 4: Blackout, this one is a 60-player battle royale. It’s set in a snow filled mountain range, where every player has the same objective: escape. To win, you don’t just have to be the last player standing; you also need to escape on the rescue helicopter at the end of the game.

Dynamic Environment

Unlike most other battle royale games, Ring of Elysium’s world changes throughout the course of a match. There are defined regions on the map, and the snowstorm will directly affect specific regions, turning them into hypothermic hellscapes. Players can utilize hang-gliders, snowboards and more to traverse the terrain and learning how to best use these extreme methods can be the difference between life and death.

Ring Of Elysium: Everything You Need To Know
Ring of Elysium – Third Person ADSRing of Elysium • Fair Use

Tencent Games

The team behind Ring of Elysium is none other than Tencent Games. Based in China, Tencent is a huge conglomerate with shares in both FortnitePUBG and plenty of other huge titles. Their experience means battle royale endeavor could easily become one of the best battle royale games as it continues in development.


Right now, Ring of Elysium is in Steam Early Access. It launched last month and unfortunately, is only available in North America and parts of Asia. European players are going to have to hold tight before the game launches in the region, though it is planned. On their Steam page, Tencent has said that they only expect the game to be in Early Access for “3-6 months” and they’re working on “several casual game modes.” On top of that, it’s completely free-to-play so you can get stuck in right away.

Keep an eye on Ring of Elysium because this snow themed battle royale could quickly become one of the world’s best.

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