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Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online, it’s no fun being poor. The players with all the money are the ones who will have all the fun, so you’re going to want to get rich quick in Red Dead Online. The Red Dead Online beta has only been underway for a couple of days so while we don’t know everything about the game yet, here are some tips and tricks around how to make money in Red Dead Online.

How to make money in Red Dead Online – Missions

One of the first ways to make money that you’ll find out about is through missions. Jump in and play through the opening sections of the game and eventually, you’ll be introduced to Red Dead Online missions. These will net you some decent cash to kick things off – some tasks and events even offer Gold Nuggets as a reward. When you earn 100 Gold Nuggets, you can craft a Gold Bar, which is the premium currency in Red Dead Online and will be available for purchase with real money when the beta has finished.

How To Make Money In Red Dead Online
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How to make money in Red Dead Online – Steal from other players

One of the core mechanics in Red Dead Online is the ability to move your camp around. If you see another player’s camp, you can engage in PvP if they’re nearby and if they’re not, you can steal and pillage to your heart’s content. What better way to get rich quick than stealing someone else’s wealth?

How to make money in Red Dead Online – Hunting animals

Just like in the single-player portion of Red Dead Redemption 2, you can hunt animals in Red Dead Online. If you’ve got experience with it in the main game, then it’ll become second nature to you as you can sell meat and pelts, including Perfect quality ones when you have the right weapons.

How to make money in Red Dead Online – Treasure hunting

Another mechanic from the core game, treasure hunts return in Red Dead Online. When you find a treasure map, use your observation skills to work out where the loot is buried, then sell the gear on. You can even find Gold Bars from treasure hunting, which is a great motivation to get your shovel out and start digging.

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