Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee: How to reach the top of Siliph Co building

How To Reach Top Of Siliph Co Building

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are two games very simple: there aren't a lot of "bad" classic features, the battles are too easy and your starter is better than Arceus. But there is a place, a dark, terrifying place in these games that you can't pass without this guide: the Siliph Co building.

How To Reach Top Of Siliph Co Building

I remember when I was young like you: six pokéballs in my belt and a secret wish became the best pokémon's trainer in the world. Unfortunately, between me and the glory, there was it: Siliph Co.

You are a very lucky boy because you can hear from me, a legend in the pokémon's world, about this place, its elevators, key-cards and more.

How to reach the top of Siliph Co building

Ok. First, you must enter the building. Well, here finish the easiest part. You can breathe now because this is the starter point for the hell.

Go to the elevator, then press the 5th-floor button. It's time to battle. Use Arc- your starter and defeat all of the poor enemies, then take the key-card near the scientist. He doesn't care.

Now, you can go to the 3rd floor and use the keycard to open the door on the left side.
Breath again. You must defeat the scientist in front of you: again use the starter. Remember: your starter is your Kraken and you can free him.

The end of the trip

You can use the teleport near the scientist now, so place on top of it and go to the last floor. Here there are Jesse and James, so… yes. Use your starter, defeat them and face up to Giovanni, the Team Rocket's boss.

Once you've defeated him you can relax and explore the rest of the building: there are a lot of useful item and funny dialogs.

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