Red Dead Redemption 2 Honor Guide | How To Acquire Positive or Negative Honor, Benefits & More

How does the Honor System Work?

While playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you can notice that if you hit the down directional button, some health and stamina meters will appear. At the very bottom of the screen, there is also a horizontal bar with a cowboy hat in the middle: the honor bar.

This bar is related to the honor system and in this guide we will tell you all you have to know about it.

How does the Honor System Work?

How does the honor bar work

At the beginning of the game, Arthur’s honor bar is neutral. Good or bad behavior can affect the shift of the hat-shaped indicator towards white (good) or red (bad). As we said before, you can check your honor by pressing the lower directional button, but you can also check it by looking at the main character menu (honor is one of the values showed).

How do I acquire positive or negative honor

Keep in mind that even the kind of action you perform will affect the filling of the bar. A striking action will certainly guarantee you more results than one that requires little effort. We will provide you with some examples of both positive and negative actions.

5 Ways To Acquire Positive Honor

  • Greeting people you meet
  • Helping randomly encountered innocent people
  • Being good-tempered when making decisions
  • Donating for the camp development (21 dollars daily will grant you the max daily rep)
  • Somehow helping the inhabitants of the camp (for example helping them with chores)

4 Ways To Acquire Negative Honor

  • Stealing from other people or robbing shops, stagecoaches, and trains
  • Killing innocent persons and lawmen
  • Killing domesticated animals
  • Being bad-tempered when making decisions

Benefits when your Honor bar shows you are good

If you behave well, the game will reward you by giving you some benefits (you can find them in the Pause menu under Player => General => Honor)

  • Rank 1: Better loots from corpses
  • Rank 2: 10% off in all stores
  • Rank 3: New outfits available
  • Rank 4: Access to optional honor mission "Do Not Seek Absolution" (Chapter 6)
  • Rank 5: 25% off in all stores
  • Rank 6: New outfits available
  • Rank 7: 50% off in all stores

That’s all. Please remember that if you reach the highest or lowest Honor level, you will unlock the bronze trophy Extreme Personality.

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