All Secret Exits and World Skips in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Secret Exits And World Skips

Super Mario Bros. games are well known for its secret exits, world skips, and hidden levels—and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

These secret shortcuts give players a way to find hidden worlds and skip dozens of levels and a couple of worlds all in the name of completing the game as quickly as possible. They have also been used by speedrunners to shorten the length of a run by several minutes or hours.

Secret Exits And World Skips

But how do you come across these world skips? And how do you find these secret exits? Well, that's where we come in since we've created this list to help you discover each one.

Acorn Plains 

The first skip is the most well-known. Located near the end of the second level of World One, you'll notice a Red Ring just below what appears to be the ceiling. You can actually jump up over that to take you to a secret path, which unlocks a pathway all the way to World Five.

Layer Cake Desert

In the fourth level of the world known as Spiked Sprouting Sands, you can discover a hidden pipe just past the third Star Coin. There will be a pipe hidden under a pillow with a red arrow pointing right, just beside a floating Question Block that will take you to the secret exit.

Sparkling Waters

At the Haunted Ghost Ship near the end of the level, you'll come across a room with a bunch of hidden areas that make a labyrinth. You'll then see a Red Arrow with four coins levitating in the air and the secret exit can be found just above it behind the sign.

Frosted Glacier 

This secret exit can be discovered in the Swaying Ghost House of world four. About halfway through the world, you'll enter a room with three doors, a row of coins, and a P Switch in the top right corner. Make a small hole of coins and hit the P Switch to create a platform. Continuously jump up following the Blue Coins that spawn and you'll come across a new door that will take you to the secret exit.

Soda Jungle 

There are four secret exits in Soda Jungle: One for Bridge over Poisoned Waters, one for Painted Swampland, another for Deepsea Ruins, and the last one for Soda Jungle Ghost House: Which Way Labyrinth. This area is pretty tricky to navigate, hence the number of secrets.

Rock Candy Mines

Rock Candy Mines has two secret exits. The first is in Grinding-Stone Tower. You'll want to get the Mini Mushroom as soon as possible and keep it for the majority of the climb up near to the end. Don't grab any other power-ups on your climb at all.

Then, right before the end of the level, you'll see a mini pipe in the top right of the screen that will take you to a secret exit and a hidden coin.

The last level in Rock Candy Mines hiding a secret exit is the Walking Piranha Plant level. Like similar levels, there's a hidden green pipe near the end. Use the video above to help you find its exact location.

Meringue Clouds

In Spinning Spirit House, you'll eventually come across a room filled with squares and multiple doors. There's one door actually hidden behind one of the blocks to the right that leads you to another secret exit.

Peach's Castle

The final secret exit of the game can be found in the final world's first level, Meteor Moat. It'll require you to make a timely jump after dodging a bunch of fireballs to get to a pipe out of reach by ordinary means. Use the video above for reference.

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