Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo: How to Trigger the Special Cutscene

How to Trigger the Special Cutscene

If you can’t wait for the remake of Resident Evil 2 to come out, you can’t miss the playable demo available until January 31st. Who has never played the original version could be a little bit confused and the duration of only half an hour and the opening scenes don’t simplify things for sure.

In this guide, however, we don’t want to talk about how the game opens but about the special cutscene and how to trigger it.

How to Trigger the Special Cutscene

How to Trigger the Special Cutscene

  • First of all, you have to head to the shutter and try to open it, then slide down and pass anyway and enter the flooded area.
  • Open your map and try to find a Fire Safety Door (a short video will be shown to you).
  • Pick up the notebook for later: it will be very helpful.
  • Go to the main hall, watch the new short video and equip the knife.
  • Look for a taped panel and open the shutter (finally).
  • Explore the new area: at the end of it, you will find two set of red doors. Enter this room.
  • Look for the vent and use it to exit.
  • In the new area you found, go east across the sofa (a bloody sofa) and reach the end of this corridor.
  • Go to the second floor and don’t forget to pick up the herbs you encounter along the way.
  • Don’t stop: go to the third floor and look for a spade key (it will unlock some doors)
  • Go along this floor and enter the Library. 
  • There you will receive a Call from Marvin telling you to return to the main hall: it will trigger the special cutscene we were talking about.

This is how you can trigger a special cutscene in Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo. We don't want to into the details on what exactly you see in the cutscene. We leave it to you to discover.

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