How To Get Imperator Vandal In Warframe | Stats, Advantages & Disadvantages

Imperator Vandal

Imperator Vandal a powerful rifle that you can craft once you know what you have to do to obtain its parts (or its Blueprint). The concept is quite simple: you have to complete the Balor Fomorian Event and get the blueprint or the individual parts.

Imperator Vandal

How to Get Imperator Vandal

In this Warframe guide, we tell you everything you need to know about Imperator Vandal and how to get it.

How to destroy the Fomorian Balor Core

First of all, you have to craft and equip a Fomorian Disruptor, an essential gear to go through the mission (if you don’t know how to obtain one, read our guide about it). Then plan your attack to the Fomorian Balor Core (Archwing Mission):

  • Destroy the four Zeplens that will appear once you get closer to the core
  • Now you can get close enough to deactivate the shield protecting the Balor Fomorian; you can do it destroying the two shield generators on the sides
  • Go inside and destroy the 16 nodes of the structure as soon as you can; to do it cover all the possible angles and activate the Fomorian Disruptor to generate an electromagnetic pulse (it will remove the protective shielding for 30 seconds, letting you efficiently complete this part of the mission)
  • Reach the safe distance of 350 meters in less than 30 seconds to avoid the explosion damage
  • That's It. Job’s done

Imperator Vandal Rewards Drop Rates

Imperator Vandal

Once accomplished your mission you will receive one of the event’s unique rewards:

  • Endo (x400) – Drop Rate 75%
  • Imperator Vandal Barrel – Drop Rate 11%
  • Imperator Vandal Blueprints – Drop Rate 11%
  • Imperator Vandal Receiver – Drop Rate 2%

If you didn’t get what you need or what you miss, you could wait for the event to come back or buy the parts you need from other players (but of course they won’t be cheap at all).

Imperator Vandal Stats

  • Mastery: 5
  • Slot: Arch-Gun
  • Trigger Type: Auto-Spool
  • Trigger Type: Madurai Pol
  • Noise Level: Alarming
  • Fire Rate: 16.67 rounds per sec
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Magazine Size: 300 rounds per mag
  • Reload Time: 75.0 rounds per sec (4.0s total)
Normal Attacks
  • Impact: 16.0
  • Puncture: 14.0
  • Slash: 10.0
  • Total Damage: 40.0 (Impact 40%)
  • Critc Chance: 10%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0X
  • Status Chance: 5%
  • High Impact
  • High Damage
  • Effective against shields
  • Effective against Armor
  • Good critical chance (Archwing)
  • Very high critical chance
  • High critical multiplier
  • Decent status chance
  • Good accuracy
  • Fastest fire rate of all arch-guns (achieved after 30 rounds)
  • Largest magazine size off all arch-guns
  • Innate Madurai Pol (Polarity)
  • Lowest base damage off all arch-guns
  • Linear damage fall-off from 100m to 350m target distance (Archwing)
  • Low-Status chance (Archwing)

What do you need to craft it

  • 25,000x Credits
  • 1x Imperator Vandal Barrel
  • 1x Imperator Vandal Receiver
  • 10x Tellurium
  • Time – 12 hrs
  • Rush – 50x Platinum

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