Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon's Desk Puzzle Solution Guide

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

Playing Resident Evil 2 Remake, between a zombie kill and the other you will be requested to solve some puzzles.

One of these is known as Leon's Desk puzzle and consists in deciphering two riddles that will allow you to open two padlocks on the sides of Leon's desk (it's a funny gift from your colleagues).

In this Resident Evil 2 Remake guide, we will explain to you how to solve Leon's Desk Puzzle puzzle.

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Leon's Desk Puzzle Solution

You will find this puzzle when you approach your desk (if you do not know how to recognize your desk, you will need to notice the words "Welcome Leon" above it). Then you will find a note from your colleagues, telling that you have to put their name’s initials on two padlocks to open it.

  • Rewards: High Capacity Magazine for Leon’s pistol; Speed Reloader for Claire’s revolver

How to Solve Leon's Desk Puzzle

The funny fact is that usually policemen call themselves by the surname but don’t worry: you can quickly solve the puzzle without even moving from the room. You have to look for the tags with the names of your colleagues and enter them according to the order of their desks.

The Left Side | Leon's Desk Puzzle

To solve this puzzle, you have to find the names of your colleagues which desks are at the left of yours. They are Neil Carlsen, Elliot Edward, and David Ford.

  • Combination: NED

Please note that, as you can see in the picture, you can’t find Elliot’s tag, but you will find a signed document with his name on it.

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

The Right Side | Leon's Desk Puzzle

Solving this puzzle requires the same ability than the previous one: the only difference is that you have to follow the clockwise, so you have to take their names and read from the one next to your desk to the farthest one. Their names are George Scott, Rita Phillips, and Marvin Branagh.

  • Combination: MRG

Please note that George tag isn’t on his desk, but you can easily find it on the floor next to it.

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

How to Solve Leon’s Desk Puzzle

Now you can solve the puzzle and take your reward.

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