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Prayer Bead

With prayer beads, players in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can expand their overall health, making it far more difficult to fall in combat. To increase their health, players need to acquire four beads to create a necklace at a Sculptor's Idol. However, these prayer beads are limited and difficult to find. You're going to find many of them looted off of bosses, and some of them you can find on merchants, hidden throughout Ashina palace. Here's a complete list of all the prayer beads in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, making it easier to collect them all. There are 40 in total.

Prayer Beads

Abandoned Dungeon

You can find only one in the Abandoned Dungeon

  • The Memorial Mob sells the only prayer bead you can find in the Abandoned dungeon. You first see them at the entrance to this location

Ashina Castle

You can find 10 of the prayer beads in Ashina Castle.

  • Shikibu Toshikatus Yamauchi: You can fight them in the Ashina Reservoir.
  • Shadow Longswordsman: You can fight them at the Ashina Reservoir Well.
  • Jinusuke Saze: You can fight them in Ashina Dojo.
  • Kuranosuke Matsumoto: You can fight them at the top of the stairs where the Ashina Castle idol is at.
  • Hidden Chest: There's a hidden chest in the Upper Tower, Antechamber region. To find it, teleport to the region's idol, handle the blue swordsman in the area, going to the right. You should find two of them kneeling, and after you've managed them go to the wall with the poster on it. Hug the wall, and Sekiro will push it, revealing the hidden room with the chest inside.
  • Shadow Vilehand: You can fight them at the Ashina Dogo. However, it's only available after shinobi have overtaken the Castle
  • Chained Ogre: You can fight them in the Upper Tower. However, it's only available after shinobi have overtaken the Castle
  • Masanaga the Spear-Bearer: You can fight them at the Great Serpent Shine. However, it's only available after Shinobi have overtaken the Castle
  • General: There's another Spearman General located at the Ashina Reservoir. The second fight only happens when the Castle is on fire.
  • Ujinari Mizou: You can fight them in the area located under Isshin Ashina. However, you can only do so after the Castle is on fire.

Ashina Depths

You can find eight prayer beads among the Ashina Depths

  • O'Rin: You can find this fight near Mibu Village.
  • Shrine: Following the fight with O'Rin, proceed to the house past the location you fought this boss. Look for an opening to the house you can crouch through, and look for floorboards you can interact with. After you've done that, proceed outside, and get up to the house' second floor using a grapple manuever. You should find the prayer beads at the shrine.
  • Shirahagi: You can find this fight near the Poison Pools.
  • Statue: There's one located on the top of the statue, which you can find after the Shirahagi fight. Go to the location where Shirahagi was protecting, and look for a grapple maneuver to your left. Proceed up there, and follow the path. When you approach the area you have to crouch, pause halfway going through and stand up, you should find another grappler point on your left. Go to the next path, and you'll be able to acquire the prayer bead.
  • Tokuijiro the Glutton: Another larger individual. You can find this fight in the Misty Forest.
  • Headless Ape: The headless ape drops two prayer beads. However, you can only start this fight once you've defeated the Guardian Ape, located in the Sunken Valley.
  • Hidden Chest: There's a chest located at the bottom of the pond near Mibu Village. You need the Mibu Breathing skill to reach it.

Ashina Outskirts

You can find six prayer beads along the Ashina Outskirts

  • Naomori Kawarada: This is the first prayer bead you locate, which is at the Gate Path of the Outskirts Wall
  • Chained Orge: This is the first Chained Ogre you fight, which you'll find at the Stairway of the Outskirts wall
  • Tenzen Yamauchi: You can fight them immediately after having taken down the Chained Ogre. They're on the other side of the wall of the Ogre, in the same region.
  • Blazing Bull: After defeating Gyoubu Oniwa, you can proceed up the wall, and right before you get into Ashina Castle the Blazing Bull escapes. This fight is in the Ashina Castle Gate region.
  • Hidden Chest: After defeating Gyoubu, go up the stairs opposite of the way you're supposed to go, where the Sculptor's Idol is. Go inside the building, speaking to the Ashina if you haven't already, and proceed to the second floor. Attempt to grapple up to the top of the tower, and when you're up there, you'll find a hidden chest in the attic.
  • Shigekichi: You can fight them in the Stairway region, located at the Outskirts Wall. You can only fight them after the Castle is on fire.

Fountainhead Palace

You can find three prayer beads in the Fountainhead Palace

  • Protected chest: There's a prayer bead located in the Great Colored Carp Lake. Two bosses guard the chest, the Headless and an apparition version of this same boss.
  • Shizu: You can loot this after defeating this boss, who guards the entrance to the lake.
  • Sakura Bull: You have to fight another bull, whom you encounter only by going past the NPCs who are playing the flute.

Hirata Estate

You can find five prayer beads at the Hirate Estate

  • Enshin of Misen: The first bead is held by the shinobi hunter at the beginning, guarding the pathway to the estate.
  • Juzou the Drunkard: You'll find the next bead held by the large individual guarding the pathway to Lady Butterfly
  • Hidden chest: Before you get to Lady Butterfly, there's a secret path concealed by a scroll. It's a little way after the first swordsman and archer are patrolling the hallway, before the idol. You'll find the right wall by locating the scroll with a tree overlooking a river.
  • Purification Ending: There are two Bosses drop the last prayer beads located in this area. However, you can only encounter these bosses after you've received the Purification ending, and you revisit Hirata Estate after doing so.

Senpou Temple

You can find three prayer beads in the Senpou Temple

  • Centipede Sen-un: You can fight this enemy in the Temple Grounds area.
  • Armored Warrior: You can fight this enemy at the top of the mountain, in Shugendo.
  • Underwater Chest: There's a chest at the bottom of the pond near the Temple Grounds. You'll know the right where, as it contains two treasure carps. The only way to acquire this is to have the Mibu Breathing skill unlocked.

Sunken Valley

You can find four prayer beads in Sunken Valley.

  • Shirafujii: You can find this fight near the Sunken Valley idol location
  • Centipede Giraffe: You can locate this encounter at the Gun Fort.
  • Hidden chest: Following the fight with the Centipede Giraffe, you'll notice a hole near the statue in the room. Fall through the hole, and follow the path where you'll have to perform several different grappling maneuvers. You should find the chest near the end of the pathway.
  • Prayer Bead in Snow: There's a bead hidden in the snow. Start from the Under-Shrine Valley Idol, and go up the hill. You'll find two riflemen nearby, taking them out. Climb the wall nearest them, using the ledge crawl manuever across until you're on the other side. You should find the item nearby.

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