When Will Wizards Unite Come out in the Us/Europe?

When will Wizards Unite come out

A beta for the upcoming Wizards Unite game from Niantic, developers of Pokemon GO, has arrived in New Zealand an Australia. As yet, there is no news about the beta coming to European or American shores. There is also no known release date for the game, at present.

When Will Wizards Unite Come out in the Us/Europe?

Originally slated to launch in 2018, it is now thought to release at some point this year. The game is mostly believed to be an Augmented Reality game, in the same vein as Pokemon GO. The game will allow the world of Harry Potter to intersect with our world, and the places we live and work will essentially become the background for the game. It is thought that players will need to track down knowledge, spells, and creatures from the world of Harry Potter, and even important characters can be collected. Famous wizards and witches will need to be saved from peril before they can be added to your collection.

Players will need to pick professions such as Auror, Professor, and Magizoologist, that all come with different stats and skills. It would seem that they can be switched very easily, and you will be able to work on building up your skills trees without much hassle. 

All the usual Harry Potter mainstays will also be in the game, such as pets, picking your House, and wand crafting. I'm really looking forward to this one, so I hope we hear something about beta or a release date soon. We will, of course, keep you updated when we learn more!

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