Rage 2: All Ecopod Locations

Large Ecopod tower with bridge extending toward player

In the lore of Rage 2, Ecopods are massive satellites built to terraform the wasteland into a more inhabitable place after its environmental collapse. In gameplay terms, they’re mostly just spots to score some easy Ark chests and take a few good screenshots. There are a total of four Ecopods scattered around Rage 2’s map. Despite being some of the biggest structures left standing in the world, a couple of them can be a bit hard just to stumble across. Fortunately, if you know their general location, they couldn’t be easier to find.

Broken Tract Ecopod

The first Ecopod you’re likely to find is the Broken Tract Ecopod. It’s located in one of the first regions you’ll come to in the game, and it sits on top of a big hill, making it easy to spot. 

Map showing location of Broken Tract Ecopod

It’s easy to find by just looking for the green spot on the map of Broken Tract, right on the border with the Torn Plains. It’s also just to the northwest of the Mutant Bash TV arena and is easily visible from that location.

You can get three Ark chests here and get the Forlorn Watcher achievement for approaching the Ecopod.

Sekreto Wetlands Ecopod

The Broken Tract Ecopod may be the earliest; the Sekreto Wetlands Ecopod is the easiest to find. If you’ve discovered the town of Lagooney, you’ve pretty much already found the Ecopod, too.

Map showing location of Sekreto Wetlands Ecopod

This Ecopod sits almost exactly at the center of the Sekreto Wetlands, just a few meters northwest of Lagooney. When you walk out the town’s front door, you’ll be staring pretty much straight at this Ecopod. Take a quick jog over to pick up three Ark chests and get the Sunken Hope achievement.

The Wilds Ecopod

The Wilds is a dense forest choking with greenery; probably the only place in the world that can really hide a towering Ecopod. 

Map showing location of The Wilds Ecopod

This Ecopod is just north of the border with the Torn Plains, but it’s actually easier to reach by traveling through the Wilds. It’s due south of Dreadwood, the trade town of The Wilds. If you haven’t unlocked the Icarus hovercraft, you can reach it by heading south on the road that encircles the center of The Wilds. Just keep a close lookout when the road starts to turn west because the path that leads to the Ecopod can be hard to spot.

When you find it, you can pick up three Ark chests and get the Reaching Out to the Past achievement.

Dune Sea Ecopod

You’d think it would be easy to spot an Ecopod in the nearly featureless Dune Sea, but this one actually does its best job to hide from view. Unlike the other Ecopods, the one in the Dune Sea is actually lying on its side, so you’ll have to get closer than you might expect to spot it. 

Map showing location of Dune Sea Ecopod

Starting from the town of Oasis (the question mark near the center in this map), just head southeast, and you should see it waiting for you. You’ll get an achievement called The Bowels of a Rust Giant and three Ark chests for your trouble.

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