Warframe - How To Get Hexenon


In Warframe, you will need Hexenon if you want to build some of the new weapons that were just introduced in the Jovian Concord update. The Fulmin, Komorex, and Cyanex all require Hexenon to build. You will also need it to build the new Warframe, Wisp

How To Get Hexenon 


Because the update has just dropped, this guide will not be complete; I will just be listing the places that I have gotten Hexenon so far. The main source for Hexenon appears to be Amalgam enemies. These terrible combinations of Corpus and Sentient are surprisingly tough, depending on where you run into them. 

So far, I have found them in the Ropalolyst assassination mission, and the Disruption game mode. During the Ropalolyst mission, they will spawn on the platform during the boss fight. They hit pretty hard, and two of them will more than likely drop you pretty quickly. In the Disruption mode, they are more frequent, as they are part of the mechanic of the mode itself. They are easier to kill here but are still going to be tough for lower level players.

It would seem that the Demolysts in Disruption can also Hexenon upon death, and one of those will be coming for the objective at the end of every round. These are very tough to kill, and CC will help you deal with them. You can also earn Hexenon from the rewards table during each rotation of Disruption. So far, that is everywhere that I have encountered Hexenon, but I will update this guide as I learn more. 

Finally, Hexenon appears to be have been added to the regular rewards tables for drops during a mission on Jupiter. It will be rare outside of mission tied to the Jovian Concord update, however.

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