Warframe - Disruption Game Mode Guide


Disruption is a new game mode that was added to Warframe with the Jovian Concord update. It is part of a new event in the game called Hostile Mergers, but can normally be found at the Ganymede node on Jupiter.

How To Play Disruption

Disruption Conduit

To begin the mission, you will need to hack a terminal after you load in. This will give you access to the rest of the level and will cause enemies to start spawning. There will be four conduits through the level. Each one has a different color. The red, white, blue and cyan conduits will be spread out across the map.

To activate a conduit, you will need a key. These keys can be gotten by killing Amalgam enemies that will spawn on the map. When the enemy dies, they will drop a key that has a specific color. You will need to take the key to the conduit that matches its color and use it to activate the conduit. Once this is done, a timer will begin, and you need to protect the conduit from enemies. The conduit will also cause a random buff or debuff on the players in the game. 

Disruption Key

Upon activating a conduit, an enemy Demolyst will spawn in. These are tough enemies and will beeline to the active conduit and attempt to explode near it, destroying it. You must stop the Demolyst before it can do this. CC Warframes are actually very useful here, and any high damage weapon should take care of the Demolyst. For new players, it might be better to work in a group, one conduit at a time. Once the Demolyst is dead, the conduit is considered protected, and you can move on to the next one.

You need to work through all four conduits, but only need to defend one of them to succeed in the mission. After the rotation is done, you will receive your rotation rewards. You can then choose to stay for another rotation or extract.

When it comes to killing the Demolyst, you might want to look into a good Viral/Slash build. I like to use a Catchmoon modded for Viral. The Demolyst has a big chunky health bar, but it's just normal Flesh. If you are struggling to kill it quickly, then Viral will help you out a lot. 


The rewards for Disruption include Hexenon, Aero Mods, Motus Mods, and Proton Mods. I will update the guide with full rewards lists as soon as I have them all.

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