The 7 Best Horses In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Horses

If you're going to get anywhere in Red Dead Online, then you're going to need a horse. You could try walking everywhere, but five will get you ten that you'd probably last about an hour before the monotony got to you and you just carried on going straight off the nearest cliff. With a little money and a lot of gold, you can save yourself the trouble and buy a beautiful new shiny horse to keep you company on your travels.

There are so many to choose from that it's a little daunting at first. But truth be told the nag that you start the game with should be efficient enough until you level up to the point where you can grab the best of the best. But which ones should you look to acquire? This list looks at each horse in each class and picks the elite among them, so all you have to focus on is raising enough money to be able to afford each one. 

7 Best Horses In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Belgian

Draft: Belgian

Cost: $120.00, Speed: 3-5/10, Acceleration: 3-5/10, Unlock: Lv. 6, Handling: Heavy

The Belgian is one of the first horses you unlock in Red Dead Online. It won't take you long to do so either as the games system allows you to level up pretty quickly during the opening tutorial as well as when you take your first tentative steps into Rockstar's wild, wild west. Don't expect it to be anything other than what it is though, a lumbering beast with the turning circle of an ice cap, but it's a reliable mule, and that's all you need to get from point A to point B.

Red Dead Online Missouri Fox Trotter

Multi: Missouri Fox Trotter

Cost: $950.00, Speed: 7-9/10, Acceleration: 5-7/10, Unlock: Lv 58, Handling: Standard

The Missouri Fox Trotter isn't just the most expensive horse in Red Dead Online. It is also the most expensive item in Red Dead Online and considering the payouts you receive from missions; there's going to be a lot of grind in your future to add this to your stable. It's pretty quick when it gets going and has a decent amount of acceleration, but it handles like most other horses in the game, and for that price, you'd at least expect it to poop gold.

Red Dead Online Nokota

Race: Nokota and Thoroughbred

Cost: 18 Gold, Speed: 7-9/10, Acceleration: 7-9/10, Unlock: Lv 48 and 51 respectively, Handling: Race

Two for the price of one here as both the Nokota and Thorough Bred racehorses clock in with the same stats across the board. Both go like stink off a dung beetle and are easily a match for the Missouri Fox Trotter but what they have that it doesn't is the ability to go from zero to oh-hell-I-just-crapped-my-chaps in the blink of an eye. They also have race handling, and while this can make them a little skittish under fire, you can get out of any trouble you find yourself in as long as you can hang on. 

Red Dead Online Tennessee Walker

Riding: Tennessee Walker

Cost: 6 Gold, Speed: 3-5/10, Acceleration: 3-5/10, Unlock: Lv 30, Handling: Standard

Sometimes a cow-poke doesn't want to feel the sheer terror of a Nokota or a Missouri Fox Trotter. Sometimes a cow-poke wants to cruise from town to town, and if that's what you're looking for, then the Tennessee Walker is the horse for you. It looks good but is nothing flashy when it comes to its speed or acceleration. If the previously mentioned mules are considered the Ferrari's of Red Dead Online, then the Tennessee Walker is a simple low-rider. Hydraulics not included.

Red Dead Online Arabian

Superior: Arabian Black

Cost: 42 Gold, Speed: 6-8/10, Acceleration: 6-8/10, Unlock: Lv 70, Handling: Elite

So the question is, is the Arabian Black the best horse in the game? Well, yes and no. It's not as fast as the Nokota and the Thoroughbred, but it does have Elite handling which can give you an edge over the others. It all comes down to preference, and if you still haven't had enough high-speed terror, then you do yourself a favor and add this to your collection. Make sure that you've hoarded your gold as it will take a fair chunk to buy the Arabian Black, but it's worth every nugget.

Red Dead Online Ardennes

War: Andalusian and Ardennes

Cost: 18 Gold, Speed: 3-5/10, Acceleration: 3-5/10, Unlock: Lv 43 and 54 Respectively, Handling: Standard

If you're going to go to war, then you need a horse capable of handling itself in an almighty ruck, With the Andalusian and Ardennes you've got two of the toughest choices you can strap your saddle to and ride. These are no frill mounts that will get you where you need to go at their own pace, but they can take a lot of punishment if you happen to find yourself in the middle of an ambush. They also look intimidating as hell, and when you're on their backs, you can't help but feel a little like Death.

Red Dead Online American Paint

Work: American Paint

Cost: 17 Gold, Speed: 3-5/10, Acceleration: 3-5/10, Unlock: Lv 55, Handling: Standard

And last and, sadly, very, very least is the American Paint. It's a simple workhorse that you have to wait until you are Lv 55 to unlock at the cost of 17 gold and considering that you can grab either of the racehorses for one gold more at earlier levels than the American Paint, it just seems to be there to make up the numbers. It is pretty though so there's always that.

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