How to use Divine Pulse in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Redo Turns

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a significant emphasis on time, and one of the new features added into the game gives the main character the chance to go back in time during battles to redo turns.

This feature is known as Divine Pulse and is only useable for a finite number of times per battle, usually 10 or lower. The feature is given to the player after playing a few of the first missions of the game and is a handy feature to use if you want to reverse the death of a beloved comrade or redo an error.

How to use Divine Pulse and Redo Turns

To activate Divine Pulse, all you need to do is press the ZL button on your controller at any time. This will bring up the Divine Pulse sub-menu while in battle, and you'll be able to go as far back into the mission as you want each time you use it, even to the beginning.

After using all the charges of Divine Pulse; however, you will be unable to use it again. So be sure to make each charge counts and make sure you are going far back into the battle as possible not to repeat the same mistakes.

Once out of Divine Pulses, you'll have no choice but to restart the battle from scratch all over again. So don't screw it up this time!

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