Warframe - How To Get Lazulite Toroid


The Lazulite Toroid in Warframe is a rare resource that will only drop from one source, the Exploiter Orb. It is a highly sought after resource. It can be handed into Vox Solaris for 12,000 Standing and is an essential resource required to build the Hildryn Warframe. You will need six Lazulite Toroid to build Hildryn. 

How To Get Lazulite Toroid

To get Lazulite Toroid, you must fight, and kill the Exploiter Orb. This massive machine was introduced as part of Operation Buried Debts. If you have fought the Exploiter Orb before, you will need to visit the secret Vox Solaris room in Fortuna, talk to Eudico, and you can choose the Exploiter Orb mission from there. If you have never done it, then it is a bit more work. 

First, Operation Buried Debts needs to be active in the game. You will need to head for Orb Vallis and deal with the Thermia Fractures that have sprung up there. We have a full guide covering what you need to do with the Fracture. After that, you will need to find Deck 12, which you can easily do using our useful guide. All the Thermia that you have been farming while dealing with the Thermia Fractures comes in useful here, as you need it to start the encounter with the Exploiter Orb.

After that, you need to fight and kill the Exploiter Orb itself. This is an interesting fight if you are going at it for the first time. I strongly recommend you read our full guide on the fight. Once you manage to defeat the Exploiter Orb, much like the Profit-Taker, she will drop some loot for you to grab. You need to do it quickly, then get out of there, as the Exploiter Orb will explode, killing everything in a massive radius.

Once you have fought the Exploiter Orb during the Operation Buried Debts event, you will then be able to visit Eudico in the Vox Solaris room and get the fight from her, allowing you to farm Lazulite Toroid until you have enough of them to suit your purposes.

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